Question:  Dear Kelley,
My mother died recently, under questionable circumstances.  She had been ill for several years and was hospitalized at the time, but some facts around her death have left us questioning if it was her illness that was the cause.  Can you give some insight into this?  Thank you, T.

A guide of your mother’s tells me that your mother had a seizure at some point prior to her death that caused some pretty serious injuries.  I ask point blank if there was any foul play that would have either made her uncomfortable prior to death or caused her death itself, and I am told that there was neither.  I feel that she had a severe seizure suddenly—a first and only–that surprised her and the staff around her.  This seizure either caused an injury physically that brought on death, or it created a spiritual opening for your mother to be ready to die.  Most likely it was a combination of those things.  Humans are quite naturally trance oriented beings, but when they slip into altered states as the result of seizure or coma, they can’t usually fully return into their bodies on their own, or don’t want to.  Often seizures are the effect of a greater portion of the soul that normally remains in or near the form attempting to leave it, while coma is the soul already mostly gone from the form.  I have the feeling with your mother that she knew she would not live much longer and the seizure was a sort of spiritual foyer for her to sort out some karmic aspects of her life before she fully stepped out of this realm and into her next.
Your mother is OK.  She’s moving on.

Be well, T.