Kelley, I’m 35, childless and have never been in a relationship. I’ve never felt loved. I am confused as to why the Creator would bring me here and deny the very thing that makes everything worthwhile. What do my guides say about this? Can you help me? Tanisha

One thing I feel right off is that you are surrounded by a cocoon of nurturing love. This nest seems to be a loving space created for you by your guides to help you feel grounded and safe, but also to give you a protected space to release some anger and fear. I do have the sense that in some past or other dimensional life you suffered an intense trauma that took away your faith in the Universe and your dignity. The reaction to this event was keen detachment from everything. So profound and powerful was your ability to detach that it created an energetic barrier through which other life forces knew not to attempt to penetrate–even ones you wanted to be close. This void of love is an ancient defense mechanism that you have the power to change now. It is possible for you to ask your guides, your angels, whomever you feel is appropriate to attend you, to take this wound and its barrier from you and fill you with light and strength to regain your power. Understand that having them remove this barrier will bring you love, and it will also bring you all the personal challenges that come with it. Given that, I feel it would be very helpful for you to enlist the help of an energy worker, life coach, or other emotional caregiver to help you process any feelings that this transition may bring up. I wish you love and light, Tanisha.