Kelley, I am writing to ask about my career. With an Ivy League MBA, I found myself in the midst of my Saturn return. For the past seven years, my career has hit rock bottom. After graduating, I was in a miserable job, which I quit despite having just bought a condo. Subsequently, I was unemployed for two years and just managed to survive based on the kindness of my father. For the last three years, I have worked at a company where I am both underutilized and underpaid. A while back, I saw a glimmer of light. I finally received an invitation to interview for my dream job–financial services in not-for-profit and government organizations–however, I didn’t received an offer. I am frustrated and confused. Is this a sign that I am to give up my career aspirations? Is it a sign of good things to come? I have struggled for so long and would appreciate any insight into what you see for me professionally. Annie

Raffaello Santi's Justice

Raffaello Santi's Justice

Thanks for your note, Annie. The thing I see vividly is that you are trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. Specifically, you have a particular ideal in the work you want to do that doesn’t widely exist in the industry you seek, right now. This is not personal, but collective. You are seeking to do a kind of compassionate work that is not being supported in the current dynamic of your field. That is not to say that it isn’t there, but it’s the minority. You want to do good things, and there are minimal Good Thing Doer job openings. The economic climate is not supporting them. The drive of organizations who seek to do good things are struggling to stay afloat in such a way that they have to do some not so good things to remain viable. Because of that, even becoming affiliated with such a helper agency often doesn’t bring the satisfaction it once would have. Almost everyone is operating on a fine line between light and shadow to stay in operation right now, and that ambivalence really bothers you. It should, but it’s not going away anytime soon, for any of us. We are living at a border time in our consciousness and socio/cultural development, and that is being reflected clearly through professional, philosophical, and collective upheaval.

Not knowing your birth sign it’s hard to say, but generally speaking, your Saturn Return has been about finding the small places in which you can make a difference while tempering the ego that wants to make a big splash. I don’t mean you have strived for wide public recognition, but you have set your sights on helping a large quantity of people, when the current the reality dictates you stay focused on the way you approach helping. The etheric environment of our plane now has to work in minuscule ways to shine light. The focus isn’t on dazzling shadows or uplifting glaring holes of doom, but highlighting small cracks, reading the reflections glinting off well-hidden but strategically placed gems. This reading of signs in your industry is what I literally see you doing. You at the center, pulling together your industry’s unique code, scattered bits and pieces saying what it says it does, what it does, and how it actually does it. They don’t match. Part of the system doesn’t want them to match, part of the system doesn’t care if they match, and another part of it doesn’t understand why its efforts evoke no synergy. You have focused on trying to make it work, when it can’t. All of your education has been in the old system and how to keep patching it. That dynamic is over and we are moving into a new one. Your real job now is to keep your eyes and ears open for those signals, read them with your higher knowledge, and be one of those creating the new way—the system that really works. You are the one who sees the discrepancies and retrieves the grey area to some sensible wisdom.

Needless to say, there isn’t a job title or description for what you are capable of. This reading of signs and interpreting them to some widely productive end will be what you do because you choose to, regardless of your job. This is a cooperative effort. More than finding a dream job, you are changing the way your industry works.

For what it’s worth, yes, the etheric rug was pulled from under you and a lot of other people who genuinely plodded their educational and career courses to be career in-the-system lightworkers. Many people went into professions they felt would help them fulfill their spiritual purpose in helping others, only to find that the system they dedicated to learning how to heal changed, and keeps changing. You will not hone a skill to address or heal a specific kind of wound in the system, but learn an acquired knowledge base to keep adapting the healing.

Thank you, Annie.