Hi Kelley, Your work sounds interesting and is very unusual. I have two questions. Are you able to tell me if my Dad is ok? Secondly, I seem to be unable to extricate myself emotionally from a man who was never very good for me. Why this might be? And, why do I have such hard time establishing and maintaining relationships? Thank you. J.

Hi J. Thanks for your note. I have the sense that your father is comfortable with his choice, and is prepared for what lies ahead of him. I am not entirely clear on what that choice is, or what that means, but I see him in a very restful state, and surrounded with his creature comforts.

When I inquire about the relationship and not taking your power back from it, I see you standing before a mirror. When you touch the mirror is moves under your hands as a liquid, and sticks to your fingers like a salve when you pull away from it. Life happens behind you, but you are more fascinated with the mirror. Some quality of this man feeds your security of always only looking in the mirror and observing life, not fully actively participating in it. In other words, this man did not encourage you to life freely and grow in life’s experiences. It is certainly safe to live that way for a time, but safety eventually becomes constricting and self-limiting. This man is another mirror for you–another thing to lose yourself in and not be encouraged to grow. The total focus only on the mirror is the result of a hurt that was done to you. Remaining focused only on the mirror has sheltered you from really deeply connecting in relationships. The time that you can be sheltered has gone. The healing you need isn’t going to be found in the mirror, or in people-mirrors who would keep you from living your true Self. Your healing will be found in yourself, and in the company you seek to that end. You have an animal guide very ready to help you make this transition. There is a black bear with you, who tells me that he brings you the ability to stand with the resilience and peace of a mountain, as well with the incisiveness to move through survival to blissful connection with Nature… as yourself. Be well, J!