Since my mind-altering  experience in February of this year, when the planetary Watchers told me that we need to be prepared to deathwalk Midgard (Earth) ,

my journeys have strayed far from anything they ever were. They’re no longer fixed on the personal, but on the planet. When I attempt to get info about a personal matter, I get the esoteric equivalent of elevator music. When I work on behalf of a client to get personal info, it’s garbled with their role in the collective–which is not why the client has come to me, and most often isn’t what the client wants to hear.

It’s been evident for some time that as pockets of Land Elders leave, the general hurry up and hold-on vibe perpetuates, deep unrest in the land mounts, and in the upheaval of systems around the world, that we’re living in a time of radical change. It’s become more and more apparent to me that even with those big shifts in mind, we’re not thinking big enough.

Through the Betwixt Series, I’ve made careful journaling of out-loud animism and soul tending. I’ve never been afraid to share my personal experience of how life works in the wild for a modern soul on a shamanic path. Only with this larger, more gut-punching and pervasively impacting info have I hesitated to speak openly. I’m pretty used to being fringe of the fringe, though I’m still not crazy about being, well, crazy, and that’s how some of what I’m seeing in journeys strikes me.

The first prolonged memo I’ve been getting is that all personal agendas are on hold, for now. It isn’t that we can’t accomplish personal goals. Rather, it’s like pushing a boulder uphill. It’s doable, though the elements are not in support of it. People with deeper resources and support will be able to seemingly still perform miracles, though even their miracles will be at a greater cost of energy. We will all feel the pinch of putting the collective before the personal. This is the memo for the whole planet.

Image by CarbonNYC at flickr2Over the last six months, when I journey from an open, “Okay, what can I do?” place, I’ve been taken to a strata or dimension where the souls of extinct animals, trees, etc now reside. They are in a space that is almost a replica of Earth, a vantage point from which they are able to see Earth, watch over it, steer how it responds to what’s coming. This is the only place I’ve been granted permission to visit regarding what’s in store for Earth, and it’s invitation-only. I’m only taken there; I can’t go by myself, of my own volition.

I recently wrote about spiritual self-reliance and the need to change it up, so I followed suit by journeying in that vein.  I journeyed to seek a new ritual or way to remain open to what is.

Instantly whisked off to another planet, its spiritual guardian tells me to turn around. I look over my shoulder to see Earth leveled, mostly the northern hemisphere, blown away and left jagged and smoldering. The planet becomes offset and looks dead, but it isn’t. I realize as I grapple with intense shock over this vision that life still persists on Earth, clarifying the memo I was given back in February. It’s unclear if we originate this destruction or it’s the result of a natural disaster. It feels more the latter.

Despite that I do feel life still on Earth, something is missing. Right away I know what it is. The planet experiences soul loss–tremendous soul lossthe way anything does after a trauma. What’s evident in that revelation is we have the drop on it. We know it’s coming, and we can prepare for it. Not avoid, deny, or hope it won’t happen. We don’t attain enlightenment to rise above devastation, but to bear through it. There’s no skipping this process. It’s happening. It’s already begun. So our job is to get ourselves, our lives, and the soul of the planet ready for it."We don't attain enlightenment to rise above devastation, but to bear through it." #intentionalinsights by S. Kelley Harrell, Soul Intent Arts, Fuquay, NC Photo by SKH

Souls are made up of infinite aspects that come and go. This unconscious travel is how we expand our consciousness. We do it in dreams, willed soul travel, etheric engagement. It’s when a soul part that needs to return can’t, that problem begin. Usually at the point of trauma is when a soul part is locked out of the earthly awareness, and PTSD-like symptoms manifest. I’ve discussed this dynamic at an individual and collective level in Intentional Insights, several times. However, what’s being described to me from this guardian is something far larger, with far more impact than mere collective or amassed individual soul loss. I suspect it’s occurred before, as Earth has been through many iterations of destruction and creation. And if we dug back far enough, somewhere our shared biology remembers that. The psychological impact of living through something like this, though, we have no vestige of.

Most of the time, we don’t anticipate soul loss. We get no warning of trauma. Sometimes we do, though, as with divorce or surgery. We get time to prepare. We get time to educate ourselves on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual recovery.

That’s where we are, now. That’s all of our job, now. Get ready.

Ultimately, while we may have caused changes that contribute to why this, or why now, it’s not about us. It’s about the soul of the planet. We’re tourists, bystanders (not innocent). We’re symptoms. Our job is to tend Her. To hold Her up and let Her fulfill what She needs as She goes through this shift. The warning serves for us to give our support and hospice care as She readies for this change.

I asked how long we have to until this event in Earth time, and the guardian said, “Two years.” I shuffled uncomfortably around that detail, partly with the ego realizing no personal goals will be satisfactorily met  in that timeframe, and what is satisfactory will be what enables planetary survival.

I was taken to the Goddess, whom I’ve sat with off and on for years. To me, She is a manifestation of the Feminine Divine, which is a delineation only found in the earthly strata. For that reason, it was quite significant that She be the one I saw after receiving this dubious message. When I saw Her, She smiled, though Her usual light and uplifting charisma were absent.

I asked Her if this all was true, and She nodded. I asked Her how I can help Her prepare for this loss, and She told me to tend Her, help Her make the journey that She needed to, back into the ether. She said, “Be present for my fear and suffering. Midwife my transition and healing. Sing me home, when it’s time.” ‘Help her through her own crazy,’ I thought. 

The job description is pretty clear. A huge change for the planet is coming, one so vast it will cleave off part of its body, and part of its soul. We can’t stop it, nor should we try to. We can’t stop the loss of life that will be included in this event. We can create as soothing a space as possible available to us all, in our imaginal space. We can include Her in our daily blessings and prayer, that what great Divine lies above and beyond this planet hold Her in its care.

More actively, we can be that soothing life force as we move through the day-to-day, dealing with each other, witnessing, supporting, and holding compassion for us all. For those who walk light and shadow strata, we can dutiful fulfill the healing work needed. Track the ancestral lines and relieve them, then call on them to stand with us. Deathwalk the departed so they can be healed allies and healthy souls. Live well for ourselves, and be the force to facilitate healing for others. Engage the Nature Spirits. Within their wisdom, ready us all.

I know how it sounds; that’s why I’ve hesitated to talk much about these interactions. The reason that I do, though, is because of how life feels right now.

And I’m not the only one feeling it.

Thank you for the work that you do.