I never expected to be one of those people who receives messages from planetary Watchers about the fate of the planet. Earlier this year began an exchange I can only describe as exactly that.

The dialogue has continued, and I find that in posting about it openly with others, it has become something larger than I initially understood. Many readers have shared their similar  messages, and for that I’m grateful. Thank you for sustaining this dialogue, and for what you do here.

In the dialogue that has opened, many people have also expressed a need to learn more about deathwalking. My initial stance on such skills are that they should be well-framed in a solid shamanic path, though my experiences are telling me we don’t have the luxury of waiting for that teaching. I never expected to say such, but the red flags have been raised, and I stand solidly in my guides’ assertion of the dire need for those who can midwife the dead, onward.

What has made it so critical? Who can say, though I noted some observations around that a few months back. What remains consistent in my ecstatic journeys is rampant change, not only in my cosmology, but in the landscape and accessibility of the ley of the Dreamtime. Locations in my worlds that have sustained for almost two decades are now gone. How I access my worlds has mutated several times over the years, though most recently, it’s as if they are compressed. The need to acknowledge them as other is no more, and continuing to approach them as such is counterproductive. I’d think this was wholly a personal transition or spiritual emergency were it not for so many others, shamans solid in their paths, who express the same changes.

Something big is happening, and we have a responsibility to hold space for what it is, even without knowing what it is.

Life Betwixt - Holding Space, Intentional Insights, Soul Intent Arts, Photo by S. Kelley HarrellWhat does ‘holding space’ mean? People use it different ways, though in a shamanic context, it means to participate in creating and sustaining an intention, without projecting into how that intention should manifest. In other words, holding space means to allow an aspect of self to support an intention along with others and spirit helpers, without judging the intention or other participants, attempting to alter it, or controlling how others hold that space. It means to fully show up, support the given intention, and that’s all–which is really quite a lot.

Holding space is one of the deepest challenges of self-less soul work. 

As I explored my changed otherscape recently, I found one of my guides in an unusual state. Freya appeared wilted, tired, and was calmly administering healing to herself. I wasn’t surprised by this, as of late I’ve met with several higher beings either receiving healing, or indicating the need for it. We operate on the assumptions that gods, guides, saints, masters, gurus–whatever you want to call them–are static. We think they’re higher than we are, are unaffected by pain, and have no more need for growth. Untrue. Everything in Nature grows. Everything in Nature continues to create itself as it truly wants to be, and that includes all levels of it. As far up as I’ve been permitted to see, damage can happen that knocks beings into spirals, for which deep intervention is needed to find stasis, again. We’re not the only ones who become wounded. Seeing my otherscape changed and Freya in this needful way affirmed to me that we’re also not the only ones going through challenging times.

I asked Freya if she was okay and what was happening, and she said, “Everything is bending right now, not just Earth. All creatures are being asked to hold space for this shift, even guides, gods, ferns, air.”

I asked her how I do that in my path, and she looked at me like I was an annoying gnat in her face, like part of the deal is me figuring that out for myself. Freya told me that I have to realize we are all equal in this transition, and knowing that fact is what will get us through it. She told me to stop feeling angst about not having a focus through it, because there is no focus. She told me to stop thinking some other being knows and knows better, because no one does.

I sat with her words for a few minutes, and my brain felt like it was on fire. What’s happening in the Earth plane extends beyond Earth, not just literally, but also etherically. I thanked her for her wisdom, and left her to her work.

In a subsequent travel, I was led above Asgard, to the area where the Watchers preside. I usually experience this as a void space, darkness as far as I can see, with hints of glittering stars winking. Instead, this time it was like standing in the middle of The 5th Element scene, when LeeLoo plunges into the taxi of Korben Dallas (multi-pass). All fashion of heavenly masses careened every which way, and the cacophony of sound and kaleidescope colors was overwhelming. In the midst of it a voice spoke clearly, “We need you to go back.”

I admit, I was captivated by the energy of it all–the drama. Sometimes when flatness prevails, even crisis feels good. As I stood there watching, the voice repeated over and over, “We need you to go back,” until I finally did.

What Can I Do?

My current take on universal energy is that there’s no directive specially laid out for each of us–assuming there ever was. There’s no bullet point list of what to do and how to do it. There’s no map indicating direction. The job is to hold space, period. Whatever personal stuff interferes with the ability to do that, heal it. Deal with it. Face it now, because trying to just plow ahead without that resolved creates conflict in being able to hold space. We can’t do both at once. And having to face what requires healing alongside whatever is coming is going to ramp the personal experience of this time up, unimaginably.

And in the tension of not having clearly defined specs and handles, we can’t fill up with what used to work just because we know it and it’s comfortable. It doesn’t work anymore. We also can’t force a new way, to appease the synapses need for having a directive–any directive. Busy work gets no points. It distracts and creates new healing needs.

Process your stuff. Allow your process. Let what needs to come up, move, shift in your life. When you can hold space for yourself to do this, you’ll be able to hold space for others.

Stay open. Where I used to say, “We try to find center, but it keeps moving,” now it’s, “There is no finding center. Stay in tune with how center shifts and be willing to shift with it, again and again.”

Also, if you’re experiencing absent or distracted guides as others have reported, remember the High Self. This aspect that situates between the earthly consciousness and All Things is in a key spot to facilitate personal transition in multiversal change. It’s still not likely that you’ll get a neatly laid schedule of events with bulleted action items. The comfort of reaching into something beyond yet still very much of yourself may be enough.