Question: Kelley, I feel that my life has come to a standstill, emotionally and as far as what I need to do with my life. I have been a stay-at-home mom, and I need to regain my self-worth and pride. I feel so confused and lost regarding my life purpose. Do you see me getting into the workplace? What field do I have potential in and need to pursue? Regards, R

Thank you for your note, R. I do feel that your life force is a bit fragmented from long facilitating the growth of others around you. Your guides tell me that it’s time to put that level of energy into your spiritual wellbeing. Taking up activities like yoga and meditating to feel the nuances of your life force and learning how to move it will help you greatly in channeling your energy and overall direction in life. I keep seeing the need for you to draw your energy upward through your crown to reconnect with your guides and higher aspects of yourself, and let your guides draw your life force down, root you into this realm more fully. Perhaps visualizing them doing this downward gesture would be helpful, as you see yourself lifting your internal light as high as you can around you. I do see that you are very ready to let your children move on along their paths. You aren’t hiding any intentions of drawing them back in or wanting them to stay as reliant on you as they have been. Your relationship with them is very healthy and they are very healthy as a result of that bond. You are all ready to move forward along your paths with new independence. Having said that, I see you very involved in the spiritual development of children, particularly little girls. There are also very mundane tangents in the instruction your guides are showing me that involves teaching young girls about self-empowerment early in their lives through their connection to Nature. It seems that you have a very easy rapport with animals, the environment, plants, etc, and I see you furthering your “Earth science” knowledge both in your own education and interests, and in a shamanic sense (in that you can communicate with Nature very well), and passing this knowledge and ability on to children. Given the spiritual connotations of that work I don’t see you conveying your knowledge in a traditional classroom. I see that part of your own studies will be conventional as well as focused in spiritual study and initiations with mentors. The arena in which you work with children is very much a private community that fosters environmental care, scientific knowledge, connecting with the spiritual nature of all things, and sees you and your ability to bridge those as a vital contributor to their establishment. I do see that you feel very shy about rising up in yourself and standing firmly in this realm. The education you receive in pursuing your love of all facets of Nature is going to revive your confidence and re-awaken your passion for yourself. There is very much a return to your own childlike being in the education that is coming to you, but this time you can be free to approach it with sheer joy. This time you know exactly what you want and that you can bring this new part of your path into being.
Blessings to you, R!