Hi, Kelley – I have recently been very bothered with the concept of the end of physical existence. This just hit me as I am watching my small children grow. I have been doing lots of web searching on any proof of existence beyond death, i.e. the afterlife.  In your experience, do we really have existence after physical death? If so, is it your understanding that we get to interact with our loved ones on that plane? Thank you for any response! Randy

Bird GirlThanks for your note, Randy. I’ve spent a lot of time traveling the spirit realm, processing my own perceptions of what that is, as well as what those who dwell only in the spirit realm say the experience out of form is.  I can’t say for certain if the experience fully removed from the body is the same or similar to soul travel out of the body. I can say that the experiences I’ve had in soul travel are beyond what my imagination could create, and I’m always left compelled to explore the possibilities more.  With that in mind, the short answer is yes, there is something after and beyond being in form, as I’ve experienced it.  Exactly what that is seems to vary.

Initially I’m told by my spirit guides that what we believe in form is how life out of form shapes.  It makes sense if you think about it, as what we believe is how life in form shapes, too.  That we create our own reality isn’t a far-fetched concept anymore.  So, as someone who carries no preconception of punishment or reward after life in form, I don’t experience that there is such.  What I experience in spirit space is an opportunity for total clearing of my worries, completing or releasing unfinished business, recognizing needs to be filled, deep blessings and gratitude for experiences I treasure, blessing the form and bringing it peace. That space can be very complicated or very simple, it seems, and how much we have managed mindfulness and found peace on stresses in life dictates how gently we fare between lives.

With that concept in mind, I have experienced that the space between lives is rich, if not a landscape for entire other lives, as well.  The idea that we have lives between lives, in the space where we are utterly and completely out of form, is precious.  In that space I’ve encountered soulmates who never come into form, who volunteer to be an anchor in that between space, feeding the work that their physical counterpart does here. Likewise, the notion that we have needs, relationships,  tasks to perform that only pertain to life between lives is amazing.

Coming back into form?  It’s a choice. It seems that some feel they can best make peace with unfinished business by coming back to create themselves again.  I know some cultures honor a very strict hierarchy in returning to form, though I’ve never observed a specific pattern or rules around doing so.

Regarding whether we know each other and can interact out of form, my experience is that we do, though it’s different.  We do recognize Aunt Millie in the spirit realm, though our perception of ourselves and Life becomes so big that we don’t need to restrict her to being just “Aunt Millie.” We don’t need to restrict ourselves to being only what we were, are, in form.  When we traverse the spirit realm, our perception becomes bigger, fuller, deeper. Our concept of ‘relationship’ becomes less about how we knew each other in form and more about how we find each other in ourselves, in everything, all the time.

The questions you’re asking Randy, are ones we all must confront.  By doing so now, you are creating the kind of mindfulness that will allow you to be aware out of form. I truly believe that one of the great disservices our culture has done itself is in not teaching how to die mindfully. The overall message I get from my guides on life after life is if we know how to die well, that means we’re living well, too.