Kelley, I lost my cat two days ago at the age of nine. She is a soul I’ve lost before and she found me again, and I knew this through repetitive dreams.  Can I ask for her soul to come back to me again?  This time around, so many events took place that brought her to me I’m hoping it will be as obvious next time. I love this beautiful soul and am devastated she left me so quickly, though I have faith she will be back. Victoria

Thanks for your note, Victoria.  I’m sorry to learn of the loss of your friend.  I know how amazing they are and what important space they hold in our lives.

 Cats_and_Sparrows by Byeon_Sangbyeok-MyojakdoYes, you can ask her to come back. When we make these kinds of requests, we temper them with honoring what the soul wants, and trust that reuniting occurs in the way best-suited to all involved.  It’s perfectly acceptable to put those kinds of requests out to her, to the Multiverse, to the Divine.

That said, when I see your cat out of form, she’s moved on well, healthily. She’s white, etherically clean, and waiting patiently to re-enter form. My sense is that she will come back into your life, though it will be a couple of years before you greet her. As well, she won’t come in as an animal. Next time she will come as a human child.  She has completed whatever that experience brought her, and her needs stretch into the human path to create herself, now. Until that time, she is a tiny sprite walking with you, just over your left shoulder.

My best to you Victoria, and a happy reunion!