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Purple text reads "Runes for Change" with a grayscale billowy tree with purple runes carved in it and an owl perched in the branches

I feel it, too.

Big changes are coming into the planet, our systems, our communities, and our personal lives. To manage them we need solid soul practices to bring the medicine of our spirit helpers back to our communities.

The runes are one tool that can help us do that, and in the Old Norse tradition, this process is wyrdweaving at its deepest potential. The runes can help us create ourselves as fit elders, so that we can be well Ancestors upon death. 

Subscribing to Runes for Change gives you:

  • Full access to The Weekly Runecast, including more detail, an audio recording of the runecast with galdr and instruction on how to use each sound, the half-month runic impact on human life force, insights on how to best manage the curves and twists therein, and devotional introspective prompts to nuance and tend self-work for the week
  • Early access to What in the Wyrd episodes
  • Community connection via ​Discord
  • Excerpts of articles and upcoming books, exclusive first peeks at current projects, and galley copies

Optional benefits include:

  • Community-only classes, self-paced and live
  • Soul Readings (diagnostic overview of spiritual needs)
  • Soul Tending Session (soul retrieval, shadow tending, energy balancing, etc)
  • HighSeat with the runes
  • Discounts on soul tending services

The Weekly Rune

The weekly runecast brings seasonal guidance through the  half-month rune. The runecast includes:

  • The current runecast, consisting of 3 or more runes
  • A more detailed explanation of how each rune relates to the seasonal focus and the dynamics each affects
  • Support to deepen land-based rune relationship
  • Audio recordings of The Weekly Rune, (spoons permitting)
  • Insights on how to best manage the curves and twists of the half-month
  • Introspective prompts to facilitate your personal work with the runes and spiritual studies
  • Galdr of each rune for felt sense resonance and instruction on how to use galdr in personal work

What in the Wyrd? Podcast

It seemed like a natural progression of The Weekly Rune to produce a podcast discussing the runes in a less formal and more relatable discourse. I began recording What in the Wyrd in December of 2017, just before Jera at Yule, with no expectation of what it would become. It’s so fun to do and generated such a great following that I look forward to producing every episode (spoons-permitting). With What in the Wyrd, I can delve into deeper topics around intersectionalities of the runes, animism, deathwork, and soul tending.

*To begin after three months of pledges; rolls over based on calendar year

We don't heal in isolation

but in community

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~S. Kelley Harrell