Inviting THE RUNES

Spring Equinox

Sunday 17 March 2024

11am EST

Join this 90-minute ritual space for devotional rune art, based on the Berkano and the Ostara initiation from Runic Book of Days.

This is a donation-based online gathering, open to anyone who wants to attend. With your donation, you will receive a downloadable handout with information to complete registration and ritual prep for the ceremony.

This event will not be rerorded.


Ritual Preparation

The handout that you will receive outlines the Equinox ritual in my book, Runic Book of Days. You do not have to purchase the book to participate. The handout will guide you through the steps of the ritual, which is to be initiated at least a week prior to our ceremony gathering. This prep includes introspective writing and engaging the life force of that exercise, to allow you to feel Berkano in a direct, felt sense way. This experience is important for the ceremony.

The Ceremony

In our time together, we will open our sacred work space and discuss our experience of the preparation ritual, Berkano, the season, and how we’re approaching these in our art. This is not a teaching event. Bring your lore, materials, a warm beverage, conversation, and desire to make art celebrating what you bring to your community. We’ll focus our creativity on half-month rune Berkana to create an amulet for Spring, a wearable rune, an ornament for a special place or our ecosystem–whatever you like. Our work together is to celebrate our accomplishments and plans through rune art in sacred community, to make, share, and shift together, so that we serve our communities from our authenticity. We will close our space with the blessings of the season.

The Followup

In the handout are further instructions for a short followup to the ritual and ceremony, to be done on the Equinox. This aspect of the work supports your relationship with Berkano in planting your desires in the rich, blossoming life force of Spring, to bear them forward in your communities.

The Donation

In order for this seasonal space to be accessible to a wide range of folx, this group experience is structured so that you pay what you can. If you are able to pay more, do, in the spirit of valuing my time, knowledge, experience, and the resources I’ve culled to be able to offer this experience, and so that it can be available to others who cannot afford to pay as much. If you need to pay less, do. In this way community needs are met, and we can hold such sacred space together in the future. After you submit your donation to PayPal, I will email you guide with instructions for the ritual and following ceremony.

Runic Book of Days

A Guide to Living the Annual Cycle of Rune Magick
2019 Nautilus Silver Award Winner
2019 National Indie Excellence Book Award Finalist
A step-by-step guide to working with the runes throughout the year through rituals and initiations to come into direct relationship with them.

Runic Book of Days - 2019 Nautilus Book Award Winner

We don't heal in isolation

but in community

Gift of the Dreamtime Reader's Companion

~S. Kelley Harrell

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To leave the planet better than you found it.

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