Introduction to Soul Tending  Self-paced Class

a compassionate, ethical approach to soul work, with Kelley Harrell, M. Div.
Introduction to Soul Tending, Soul Intent Arts,

Calling isn’t enough.

In order to thoroughly address the challenges before us personally and culturally, we need grounded, actionable spiritual approaches to everyday life, and compassionate, ethical solutions for soul wounding. This non-experiential six-week class offers the opportunity to refine personal calling alongside the realities of the history, philosophies, challenges, and roles in traditional and modern soul tending.

This class is frank survey of the legacy of shamanism and spiritual healing approaches, that few others teach.

What is Life Betwixt?

Many of us feel called to Soul healing, though we don’t have elders to teach us the technology of soul tending or to model the life of someone doing that work. This disjoint is a symptom of the broken path–our cultural separation from the awareness of relationship with Nature and All Things. Without awareness of those relationships and fit elders, we flounder in carrying out our calling.

Introduction to Soul Tending offers a unique study of ensouled life from the vantage point of the broken path with the focus of bringing our awareness back to these missing supports. Whether you want to cultivate a deeper animistic life awareness or begin studies in soul healing, this course teaches the history of shamanism, where it came from, its contemporary significance, and how to approach a calling to soul tending in a way that respects that history, your path, and that of others. This course does not teach techniques in ecstatic trance; rather, it emphasizes situating self in the legacy that is timeless calling to serve community. Topics covered are psychological, gender, and religious perspectives on soul technologies, as well as cultural appropriation, ethics, and how colonization altered our spiritual relationships to the land, forever. This course centers soul tending in its historic and animistic roots, and offers perspectives on modern life lived walking between worlds.

Learn more about modern Soul Tending in real-life application in my articles on soul tending.

Self-paced Study?

Introduction to Soul Tending is fully automated online, is self-paced, and comes with Discord support chats, if you like. You may begin the course whenever you like, and go at your own pace.  You can also contact Kelley via email anytime with questions, insights, or just to talk through a component of study.

Items useful for completion of this course:

  • pen and journal, or digital device for keeping a journal
  • a quiet comfortable space to do your classwork, some place without interruptions
  • access to email and capability for chatting, as needed via Discord

The full impact of this course comes in your processing of the material. Each lesson contains prompts for personal introspection (which you are welcome to chat with me about), and additional resources to support your grounding of calling into rooted practice.

Contact me with questions and insights.


Material is slated for a 6-week period, with new lessons available weekly. Progress is self-paced and homework is given in the for of introspective prompts with the intention of building relationship with the material. There is no requirement to engage me in the work, though I’m available for for light chat on Discord, or via scheduled sessions and mentoring.

Material covered in Introduction to Soul Tending is as as follows:
Class Objectiveto ethically situate modern soul work in an everyday context.

  • Learn the history of modern soul tending and why aspects of it are problematic
  • Explore the religious, psychological, neurological, cultural, and political aspects of soul tending
  • Learn the aspects of the initiatory wound and how it informs the healing story
  • Hone your ethical awareness of personal and cultural bias in soul care

Lessons are:

  1. Traditional vs Modern Soul Tech
  2. Religion vs Neurology
  3. Psychological Influences
  4. Cultural Perspectives
  5. What Soul Tending Is
  6. What Soul Tech Is

Kelley Harrell, Mi. Div.


I’m an author, lifelong deathwalker, and animist. Through Soul Intent Arts, I’ve worked with a local and international client base since 2000. My work is Nature-based, and focuses soul tending through actionable animism, ancestral healing, and deathwork.

To learn more about my work, read The Weekly Rune, and listen to my podcast, What in the Wyrd.