Intersectional Deathwalking

Systemic oppression is a significant factor in how we become stuck in life and death.

Just as we internalize its impact in life as terror, its influence in how we tend our dead instills powerlessness. 
Systemic oppression becomes unconscious, unseen shadow wreaking havoc in death as much as life, leaving the systems that are in play around the circumstances of our unquiet dead needing reconciliation as much as the dead, themselves.
In life or death soul tech exists to help us make such reconciliation, regardless of circumstance. It is a basic right to die well.
The Dark Time is the season that our thoughts are most tuned to our dead, to what needs to be deathwalked in our lives.
We can begin it now.


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S. Kelley Harrell, M. Div.

Kelley is an author, animist, and deathwalker in North Carolina. She teaches rune work, ancestral healing, and deathwalking, as well as mentors and leads the soul tending training intensive, The Spirited Path. As an interfaith minister, she has served her local community and an international client base since 2000 through Soul Intent Arts, and advocates embodied soul tending and sacred activism through Nature. #beyourcommunity

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We don't heal

In isolation, but in community