Kelley, I am currently working through old issues and past hurts to clear the way for my spiritual development. I hope to become a healer of some sort. Currently, I feel that I am holding a great deal of negative energy in my stomach area, and I also find it very difficult to lose excess weight there. Are you able to suggest ways that I can clear this negative energy so I am able to move forward and become healthy? Thank you, Elizabeth

Thanks for your note, Elizabeth. I see a general fogginess around your lower middle that feels quite rigid. It’s about six inches to a foot out from your form, which tells me two things: one, that your chakra system is functioning well, overall (were it not, the fog would be in your form rather than a bit out from it), and two, this fog is connected to the second chakra. The second chakra is, generally speaking, the point that we manifest our desires. When we don’t, the result is defensiveness, resentment, anger, bitterness. When I ask to see the source of this fog, I see you in your mother’s womb.

The Etheric Field

The Etheric Field

In utero, you experienced your mother being physically assaulted around her middle. She was fairly far along with you when this occurred, and was terrified that she would lose you. All of her thoughts and energy were devoted to preserving you. The correlation that I see between her reactions and the fog around your middle is that you internalized your mother’s instinct to protect you–her middle- by focusing on holding all of your energy in that area. This fog functions like a shield, buffeting anything you don’t want or perceive as harmful.

This fog has served you well in many cases, energetically thwarting unwanted relationships, advances, situations, almost without effort. It has enabled you to draw boundaries and know you would be protected. The thing is, this fog has been deflecting wanted interactions and situations, as well. Instead of culling through boundaries and what is wanted with your higher awareness, it has been done reflexively through this sacral shield. In the course of interacting with your High Self and guides in this journey, the fog was released; however, I feel that because so many of your decisions have redirected through it, learning to pass that process up to your higher awareness will be what releases it permanently.

Your energetic insight into yourself is keen enough to feel when this fog is in place, thus to know when you are not approaching a boundary or choice from higher insight. I think you could still do some visualization of allowing earth energy to flow up the chakra system and out the crown, drawing higher energy into the crown and down the chakras, through your soles. My sense, though, is that the energy work aspect of this is very clear and easy to manage. The challenge will be instilling that habit to appeal to higher counsel, instead of reacting instinctively and letting that shield push things away. However you appeal to your spirit guides, ask them to raise your awareness, so that you react from your soul’s wisdom. When you find that process more natural, even automatic, you won’t carry any murky energy about your middle, and you won’t gather unwanted physical shielding there, either. With a healthy flow of energy through your chakra system, the balance of your skills and health are restored. Be well, Elizabeth.