Jera - Intentional Insight's Weekly Rune by S. Kelley Harrell


Ingwaz (or Inguz) – People of Ing – It’s quiet time.  A lot of ground has been covered lately, and the solitude needed to process that journey and let it root into a changed course is now.  In western culture, even among spiritually well-intended folk, is the drive to Go Go Go! and not allow time for what has been upturned, re-evaluated, calibrated, and set into motion to fly, be free!.  Somewhat addicted to the allure of expanding consciousness, we want to sustain that esoteric high.  We constantly stretch for the goal, then wonder why we burn out, or the goal shifts just left of center.

I’ll tell you why:  everything must root, and to properly ground into the place where we need to grow, we have to make peace with being still.  Of course being still doesn’t mean doing nothing. Solitude requires a tremendous amount of effort, particularly for those not comfortable being mindful.  That is exactly how all of the good-living practices, healing work, and study come to fruition.  This is the point that they become intuition.

Ingwaz is what I call a ‘hinge’ Rune, in that it’s about that tiny space–or maybe nonspace–between Here—> and <—There.  It’s not so much about the events themselves, where we started, or where we end up.  It’s about how the whole process changes us inside.  It’s about finding that well of nonspace, the inner Void where we create ourselves every day, and conscientiously, intentionally beginning that creation process again.

Worked muscles must rest.  Wounds must mend. Knowledge and experience must marinate into wisdom. So let this time be the point that rest, allow, and in doing so engage our deepest truth.