As we continue working with Ehwaz over the next few days, I want to point to a couple of resources that may help us move more gracefully through the demands being made. What I love most about working with the runes in season is that they give us a bite-sized opportunity every year to focus on the wisdom of each rune. We get this short yet thorough time to assess what each rune brings, and right now, Ehwaz is bringing systemic and internal challenge. I don’t talk about the podcasts I produce much, though those that came out this week are of particular note. I talk about the tension brought up by Ehwaz in the latest episode of What in the Wyrd, the podcast I produce on working with the runes as sacred activism. The focus of the episode is how Ehwaz situates into animism and the broken path. You can subscribe to What in the Wyrd on all major podcast services.   The conversation continued in more detail on Everyday Animism, which is a podcast I co-host with Brandice Schnabel and Janet Roper. For this podcast, we discuss what it’s like to move through life as an intentional animist. In Brandi’s words, “Episode 28  is an exploration of the broken path, something experienced by those of us on a spiritual path that we’ve had to cultivate on our own without the support of a direct lineage. We carefully explore what it’s like for each of us to try to navigate a broken path while remaining flexible, aware of the painful aspects, and always open to any new understanding of our right (or lack of) to specific spiritual practices.” Find us all on Instagram, where we’re all happy to receive emails and inquiries about the show. Co-hosts: @kelleysoularts, @brandice/@soulfulfocus, @janetroper Listen via most podcast services or here: As ever, thank you for everything you do to show up, every day. #beyourcommunity