Question: Hi Kelley, I’m curious, how it is possible to do a Soul Reading on someone who may be halfway around the world from you, and that you have never met? Not that I doubt you–I just don’t understand how it works =) Thanks! –JC.

Hi JC! Thanks for your inquiry! I get this question quite a lot, believe it or not, from people who come to me to do Soul Readings in person. I explain to them that the soul is a limitless force made up of infinite aspects that can travel independently of the whole. The traveling aspects never lose sight of the whole, but come and go all the time from the human form, creating this vast presence that can be in many places at once, in many levels of existence at once. Just imagine that there are aspects of you collecting information, interacting with other souls, visiting all realms of the Universes at any given time, and that the higher consciousness in your human form has access to all that insight. With all that at our disposal, the opportunity for increasing one’s awareness is limitless!

When I do a reading, distance or in person, I will an aspect of my soul to go out and meet with the soul of my client, and his/her guides. This act is shamanic journeying, an ancient practice of willed soul travel into other realms, and to go deeper into the Self. For Soul Readings this meeting usually occurs in some dreamtime location that is essential to my understanding of what needs to be communicated to the client. The place may be a past life setting, it may be a visit with an aspect of the client’s soul (such as the High Self) that is in Spirit’s realm. Sometimes I am led within the human form, itself, to communicate with soul aspects there who hold information about health and energetic balance. In other cases, I meet only with the guides of the client, who are deeply in touch with the client’s soul. In this dreamtime space, it is not necessary for me to have met the soul (client) before, or for us to be in the same vicinity. For that matter, I don’t even have to know the client’s name to make contact with his or her soul elements. We all have the ability to control how the infinite parts of our souls travel. In fact, a hallmark of wellness can be learning to widen one’s awarenes to will that travel and return, which empowers one’s ability to actively manifest the soul’s intent in daily life.

I wish you happy journeys, JC. Let me know if you would like to try out a Soul Reading =)
Be well! ~skh