I'm Kelley Harrell

and I believe we can do better

My work inspiring others

to leave the planet better than they found it is applicable to individuals, families, communities, and organizations. For single classes, weekend intensives, corporate events, or extended retreats, I am available to create experiential coursework tailored to your needs around responding to personal calling, finding the personal path of Soul Tending in your own backyard, working with regional Nature Spirits and Land Elders, Deathwalking, Ancestral healing and tending, and coming into relationship with oracles, such as the runes. Contact me for further information to serve as keynote speaker, workshop leader, retreat facilitator, or mentor.

Negotiable logistics include host payment for travel expenses and meals, and reservation of accommodations, where applicable.

Elder Well

So that your descendants grow from your wisdom.

Die Well

So that you leave the planet better than you found it.

Ancestor Well

So that your descendants never elder alone.

We don't heal in isolation,

but in community

~S. Kelley Harrell