As a followup to Christina’s free course with The Shift Network last week,  I wanted to be sure you’re aware of her upcoming intensive study of working with and healing Ancestors – Healing With Your Well & Unwell Ancestors: Transform Unresolved Patterns Into Blessings, Hope & Sacred Medicine.  This is a 7-week live video course, that promises to be transformational not just for those who take the course, but for their lines, past and future. Among the topics covered are:

  • Heal ancestral wounds and narratives which may be playing out in your life and your health.
  • Clear stagnant, unresolved energies from your lineage  … and open the door to a more passionate and purposeful life.
  • Discover how to draw on your ancestors’ gifts, skills, and courage to express your soul’s purpose.

I was also very happy to contribute a bonus segment to this course called Deathwalking as Spiritual Hospice. We take for granted that in eldering well and tending our Ancestors that we are also meeting the needs of our dead. This discussion with Christina allowed me to talk more about how we as a culture aren’t meeting that obligation, why we aren’t, and how we can make small adjustments in how we engage our immediate animistic communities to tend our unquiet dead. This dialogue is but one component of a needed and powerful course.

Deathwalking has long been a core focus of my work and teaching. If you want to know more about it, read more, and you’re welcome to contact me with questions.

As ever, thanks for all you do, everyday.