Kelley, I am writing because of a problem that has consumed so much of my energy and confidence. I have been experiencing gradual hair loss for about five years. I have tried medical treatments with no success. I have also had blood tests done which did not reveal anything. I am at a loss and have tried all sorts of things but to no avail. I have found this so deeply humiliating. I am at a loss and quite desperate. Is there something going on I am not aware of? P.

Hi P. Thanks for your note. When I feel your etheric field, there’s a lot of anxiety in it. This anxiety feels very old, as if it has amassed over many years. Specifically, what I feel in it is fear of being judged and ridiculed, and these fears stem from childhood into the present.

I don’t feel that as an adult you carry conscious awareness of these fears. That is, you don’t carry thoughts around related to being judged or ridiculed. Yet, at some point in your youth you carried them for years, and these thoughts have become internalized at a deeper, subtler level. I’m not certain why hair loss is the specific result of these fears, but I do feel that it is a result of them.

When emotional states are left unresolved, they become beliefs. These beliefs become the foundation by which we set our boundaries and perspective of life. Eventually hurtful emotional states and beliefs take a toll on the body.

Address this anxiety, specifically the beliefs, “I am only as valuable as others find value in me,” and “My sense of self is defined by others,” and you will quell the hair loss. I suggest doing some research on a good Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor who works with 5-element or 8-element acupuncture to help get your meridians back in balance. I do think that the body is drained and needs support. This is a good way to revive it. Emotionally I would look into techniques that allow you to release feelings and emotions that no longer serve you. This could be Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique, or a more traditional therapeutic approach. Spiritually you need nurturing. Seek this in a local shaman, or if you are open to distance work, we could work together.  The more you focus on emotional healing, the less physical symptoms there will be.

I do see this condition as one you can manage, P, and I wish you the best health and happiness!