Question:  Hello, Kelley, I’m not really sure what my question is. I have read your column on Astroabby for quite some time now, and felt compelled to write. I’m a Pisces, born March 9 1981 at 11:13 a.m. I know that I’m still very young at 23 years old, but cannot seem to figure out what or who would be in my best interest. I have no planets in my 7th or 8th houses and am wondering how this effects me. There is one person in particular, another Pisces(3-5 around 70), who for some reason, I cannot shake. We have the type of connection that when one of us walks into the room, both of our faces light up, even if nothing is said and we stand across the room the entire night. the night was better because the other was there. He is in a relationship, and I know that we cannot be together right now, but why is that connection there and what is it? I can go months without seeing him and still think of him. We had a few intimate nights over a year ago when he was single. I have tried to date other men, but cannot seem to find this connection with anyone else. Please give me any advice you may be able to give. Thank you for your time. ~Nicole~

Hi Nicole! Thank you for your note. I am not surprised that you can not find that kind of connection with another person, as you won’t. Connections are as unique as the people with which you have them. They are never duplicated. It is truly an art worth cultivating to learn to hold connections and people in their own value and beauty. Free yourself of that thought limitation right now, and that freedom in and of itself will allow other kindred souls to enter your life.

Your guides indicate to me that you are very air-oriented, with regard to always being lost in thought, fantasizing, possibly even dissociation to some degree. You love it. You fly high above the clouds, and you like it that way. That escape keeps you some how sated in day to day life. On a mundane level, this sense of floating in the clouds is incredibly indicative of an exuberant imagination, but there is a lack of being able to manifest that creative mind in form. You are not taking that precious imagination and transforming it into the things you want in your life. With regard to love and relationships, this floating/flying nature is very much connected with not manifesting relationships. What I am shown when I inquire about this trend is you making imprints of your palms in clay and passing them out. You want to leave an impression, but it’s as if you don’t really touch things, or connect with them… You just go through the motions of doing so. This non-connection is intentional, and a conscientious decision, as is the flying. When I ask how this not touching relates to the floating/flying, an aspect of your soul tells me that she is afraid to deeply connect with someone, because she fears she will not be able to fly anymore. In this aspect of you, even the most soulful resonant love feels like a heavy weight in her Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakra (third and second chakras) that literally tugs her out of the sky.

This is the thing: in the realm of love, you stand in your own way. You want the feeling of flight and freedom, and you also want to have a deep spiritual connection with someone who can be a partner to you. Somewhere in All That You Are is the belief that you cannot have both freedom and deep love at the same time. That is a source place to begin addressing the sense of not having direction right now. Moreover, there is a core thought pattern somewhere in there lulling you into feeling that freedom can only come at the expense of not manifesting your true Self. Again, there is the pattern that you cannot do both at the same time, when in truth, you cannot have true freedom, love, or growth until you manifest your true Self. In other words, that sense of just floating has lured you into a complacent comfortable state, which is logical. It’s a lot easier to be the passenger than to drive… unless of course you don’t like where things are headed…

The way that you must learn to drive is by learning to move your life force from that space of ideas through your body so that you can completely act on it and create what you want in your life. This act is completely dependent on 1) being conscientious that “active focusing of your own life force” is possible, and 2) setting up your thoughts, beliefs of yourself and the Universe, your way of living, all in support of manifesting your True Self. Believe it, create the space for that belief in your life by weeding out habits, thought patterns, beliefs that oppose it, and the evidence of that belief manifests. I highly suggest seeking the services of an energy worker or someone who can facilitate helping you bring your life force into your body and express it in all that you do. When you tune into yourself at that level, you will not only know the type of person that you are attracted to and want to be with, but you will naturally draw those people to you.

Be well, Nicole!