My first experiences that I was walking a different awareness came in the form of seeing souls of the dead in childhood. They came to me seeking company, acknowledgement and release. I didn’t have elders to frame those experiences, who could teach me situations in which I should engage, just hold space, or step back. I didn’t learn about soul tending and deathwalking until my late teens.
Most of us in the west similarly walk broken spiritual paths. We haven’t been raised in living spiritual traditions that tend souls. Yet we are called to do so and are charged to respond in a way that’s authentic to how we live and engage, without disparaging ancient paths, the people or practices of traditional shamanism, or indigenous cultures. And we can create ethical experiences of soul tending where we stand.

We all share the calling to be fit, embodied elders, who upon the good death become wise, capable Ancestors. To fulfill that calling, we must respond at a soul level.

I teach embodied soul tending through Nature to create lasting change. Through actionable animism and soul tending, I teach you to find your unique spiritual path in support of your quiet dead, healed ancestors, fellow humans, and peaceful coexistence with your land spirits, so that you can leave the planet better than you found it by living your calling.

This is walking The Spirited path.

January begins a new season of that teaching with The Spirited Path, the soul tending training intensive that I mentor. Join me for a free one-hour live discussion about what it means to walk an animistic path as a soul tender, and ask questions about The Spirited Path Intensive.

Walking The Spirited Path Live Event

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When: Nov 23, 2019 10:00 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
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For more information on The Spirited Path, visit Soul Intent Arts.