Kelley– I’ve been told by a couple of mediums that I have a father different than the one I was brought up with. I have never believed he was my father, even as a toddler. DNA tests are inconclusive and my mother gives mixed responses. I’m worried that I’m carrying some past karmic debt of a family member I’m not even aware of being related to, and that I need to be aware of to solve, maybe with some restoration or getting some family lawyers. Do I need to identify this relationship in order to move happily forward? Susan

Based on what you’ve said here, Susan, I don’t get a sense of the malaise you’re feeling being specifically related to not knowing the exact identity of your father. Generally speaking we all carry ancestral ties that are passive or active factors in our lives until we can release them. Such ties are not only inherited through the life force given to us by our parents at conception but also by the life force we are born into, which may not contain any trace of our biological ties. In that light investigating and releasing ancestral karmic threads is a wise move for anyone.

Given that, I am not aware of a karmic imbalance as a result of not knowing your biological father’s identity. I am, however, aware of some power allies and talents that come through his line–spiritual abilities of which you are latently aware but have not developed. I see connecting with your ancestors through a spiritual means, such as shamanic journey, ghost dancing, trance postures, etc. as a means to give you some grounding regarding the concerns about your father’s identity, and to potentially help you find your etheric family and its blessings. I do feel that there are some powerful cultural “stories” in your cells that you need to know, even if you never know who your father is. Meditative work around learning that heritage will empower you.

Something else significant to note is that I feel you have been an orphan or estranged from your parents in other manifestations of yourself, or in other times, dimensions. The mythological story, or archetype, of the orphaned child who rises to great power echoes throughout every cultural epic saga and that’s not for no reason. Those who begin with the least stand to gain the most, even spiritually speaking. We seek to fill with what we hunger, and the emptiness only a child can feel for lack of a parent has been with you for many manifestations of yourself. Making peace with this “inner orphan,” that is, going to the source or “first time” you felt this emptiness will create healing that ripples through every such experience down the line, through to the present. I highly recommend doing some soul work energy work along that line, the results of which will be nothing short of claiming your birthright. Be well, Susan!