Kelley,  Last year my friend’s eighty-some year-old father went into the hospital for the fourth time in a few months. He had fallen, had a brain bleed, and other serious problems. She sent out an e-mail asking for prayers for her dad, saying she had been “shown” the possibility of his full recovery. I offered a prayer and sent energy from heaven and earth to be received as his higher self directed. I had no intentions beyond these. When I was praying for him, I “saw” him and experienced his presence. I also saw an etheric issue in his field, which I could imagine my guides shifting. I asked him if it was okay to allow them to do this, and his response was along the lines of,  “Of course I want to be helped out of this! Anything you can do, do it. Let’s get started already!”

Our guides and some other angelic took charge of the energy. I don’t remember what they did, though the matter was handled.  A few days later I heard he made a remarkable recovery  and was released to rehab(Many people suffer from addiction. Click here to check your Premera rehab insurance benefits covers rehab treatment.). Eventually he went home, though he never fully recovered. He had other medical incidents and passed away two weeks ago.

My question is, did I do something ill-advised? I have since read that one should never do healing work of this nature without permission from the subject on the physical plane. According to these sources, they need to say “yes” verbally or in writing. Believing that one has permission from that person’s soul or higher self is not adequate. Also, could I have retained any energy from this interaction that is damaging to me?   Thank you, C.

Thanks for your note, C.  What a great question, and what a great experience!  I do distance soul healing as part of my shamanic practice, and I’m often asked about the ethics of it. For my professional work, I base my intentions from what clients inform me needs balance. I do a very careful assessment of the request and determine if I’m a good fit for that distance work. If not, I will say, and if so, I proceed with the client’s permission.

Working from a general request for healing is a very different approach. I am in the camp that you get the verbal agreement when possible, and that you don’t sit down and intend to do healing without someone’s knowledge of it.  In cases like you describe, where it wasn’t at all your intention, I think you were at the right place and the right time for some other touch that needed an earthly vessel to work through, for him.  Because you didn’t intend it, this experience is different.  You intended the space.  What happened in it was beyond you. You were likewise blessed by witnessing it.

As far as picking up things from doing healings for others…  You always have to clean yourself after, even when the session went great, with no tension or distress–to you or the recipient. In the same way that you wash your hands before you eat at a restaurant, clear yourself before healing work.  The same way that you wash them when you are done eating, clear yourself after.   Part of what makes shamanic healing successful is the long-established relationship with one’s guides, as well as great finesse in traversing the spirit realms.  That said, when doing healings, whether in-person or remotely for others or self, we pass through layers that are beyond our awareness.  Even those of us who do such healings and soul interactions regularly don’t know every little detail of  what’s in that space, what’s been there, ever. That’s why we do rituals before and after healings, to clear out what is not appropriate to the healing, and what isn’t appropriate for us to bring back from it.

Clearing yourself after directing healing can be as simple as, “I release anything from this experience that doesn’t bless me,” or “”I release anything from this experience that isn’t aligned with my wellbeing.”  Use the wording that literally gives you a tingle or some clear sense of a shift.

C, you are wise to consider the parameters of ethical remote healing, as well as its potential to affect you.  Thanks for probing thoughts we all need to consider as we become more responsible, responsive Universal citizens.