Hi Kelley. I’m writing because I’m feeling a little lost. I met a guy about a month and a half ago, and we had a great couple of dates, but due to circumstances beyond my control (and which I truly believe involved God’s will), he stopped calling. I feel intuitively I will hear from him again, but I’m confused as to what to do. Do I keep praying for him? Do I just move on and “forget about him?” Is he the one? I feel very torn, and I would love any guidance you have. Thanks! Jessie

thumbs up Thanks for your note, Jessie. When I look across your spiritual landscape I don’t see him. It’s not like I see a fine thread of him at the edge, which could suggest he would be a stronger presence later. I don’t feel him at all, and this is OK.

My sense is that he blipped into your life at the time that he did to bolster your self-confidence. You came away from interacting with him with a greater sense of self, and that is to be carried forward from that experience. He was not the prize of your interaction–you were. The excitement, the newness, the ability to be laid back thus be more present in who you really are… Those were the focus of meeting him, not a romantic future.
Blessing that exchange and expressing some sort of gratitude for it would enable you to carry that energy forward. It would deepen your connection to being present in your life, and it would open you to finding someone who can walk with you to support those feelings a bit longer.

Cheers, Jessie!