Kelley, I am a 46 year old working mom who is frustrated with the direction my life has taken. I am truly thankful for many things but financial struggles and ‘just bringing home a paycheck’ have left me depressed and with substantial weight gain. I need inspiration to relieve the drudgery I am drowning in on a daily basis. I want to have my colorful, creative, life back. How I can find my kalidescope again? Carrie

Thanks for your note, Carrie. Your guides are showing me something very specific that is contributing to the malaise you feel. I’m going to use a word in conjunction with spiritual healing that may be surprising: chemicals. We often forget that independent of the mind, soul or emotions, the body has its own relationship to Spirit, that every cell has a unique relationship to and craving for the Divine. In addition, you should take a look with a fantastic read about KratomNews in order for us to feel that connection with All That Is in the highest way possible the body needs to function well enough that we are aware and actively participating in that connection through all that we do. The body is, after all, the temple.

It’s also an antenna, of sorts, the sensual vehicle through which we perceive Spirit, our own soul, and that of those around us. It is the most overlooked tool of divination, as the body is the soul’s most direct form of communication with us and the clarity of its message relies wholly on our ability to perceive it. The smallest component of perception is our chemical basis for health. If that chemical basis is off kilter it permeates every thought, every feeling, every expression of who we are. The way we speak to ourselves internally, the way we address those around us, the choices we make, the money we spend, the food we eat… It all sounds very mundane and material, and it is. However our mundane state of being directly impacts how we achieve our spiritual goals. Our base level of awareness in the physical realm begins with neurotransmitters—the wee hormones that cue the brain to choreograph everything we do. Out of balance they can create depression, autoimmune conditions, metabolic ruts, all of which are the building blocks to more pervasive imbalance. In short, if you don’t have the chemical juice to support and transmit spiritual memos, no matter what esoteric art you study, what energy healer you work with, what catharsis you have, you won’t be able to carry the information through to create a sustaining soulful foundation. Which is why I’m reading and learning as much as I can about the HGH for sale in United States.

On the holistic path we often forget that holism means exploring all options, investigating all parts that sum the whole. Being true to this model of spiritual healthcare means looking at the base levels of what may be out of balance. In understanding that neurotransmitters are soulful beings leap to the consideration that also are the chemicals that treat them. The avenues for doing so are possibly endless in this pharmaceutical age. Take your pick. I would suggest initially that you do some reading on neurotransmitters. Such research can range from intensely scientific to amazingly mystical once you verge into studies of the pineal gland and how it relates to the third eye–the seat of the soul… If learning that information feels helpful, contact a naturopath and discuss neurotransmitter support through supplementation, diet and lifestyle crafting.

I say all of this to assert that Carrie, you create a very harmonious and worshipful space in which you honor Divinity and explore your personal path. There is no lack in how you approach Spirit or the development of your soul. What’s missing is the body’s ability to participate in this process due to not being properly chemically supported, which I feel is the direct result of mental and emotional burn out. What I’m seeing is that on one end is all the soulwork you’ve done that is flourishing and brilliant, and at the other end is the body crying out for attention. Give focus to the body with the same soulful affection that you give the unseen aspects of your life and the bridge between these facets of yourself and the soulwork will be expressed through the body. Being able to move that life force fully through the body will improve your health and directly impact your ability to bring the things you want into being in the formed realm. It’s a very subtle act that will make all the difference in your creativity, inspiration and motivation to keep those primal cellular fires burning.

Apart from the literal chemical support through tactile intervention, you can make that rehabilitative process spiritual in a holistic recovery center. You can, in your meditative space, ask the life force of the neurotransmitters to speak with you. Ask them what they need to maintain balance in your body. What are their goals and how do they mesh with your own? Remember that all things under Creation are Divine, and you have the ability to interact with them. You can have the same heart-to-heart discussion with the supplements or means you choose to balance neurotransmitters. Ask to see see their connection to Divinity. What gifts do they bring you? Opening this dialogue presents the possibility to do so with every cell in your body. All you need do is realize that possibility exists. From there your possibilities are endless.

Be well, Carrie!

Podcast 2 ~ Intentional Insights: Q&A From Within, Divinity in the Medicine Cabinet