Kelley, Two years ago I developed a skin condition on my fingers–mostly on my right hand.  Doctors examined all sources though the final diagnosis has been psoriasis.    I am a believer in the body-spirit connection and have consulted “Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay.  I have tried to release all past “junk”.  The condition has improved, but it is still there. Can you give me any more advice so I can have my beautiful hands back? Katherine

Thanks for your inquiry, Katherine. You are wise to consult sources of imbalance on all levels. Indeed, you make important observations about fortifying mind/body/soul/emotional balance. Those are:

  1.  We can affect that balance, and
  2.  We must know when to seek help maintaining it.

When I work with your guides and a proxy of yourself I see that your hands are very etherically sensitive. You take in a lot of information through them about other people, the things you touch, the way the atmosphere around you feels. As a result they have gotten their “filters clogged,” so to speak. The energetic overburdening of your hands is also affecting energy flow in musculature of your shoulders.

We are all very susceptible to the energies around us, and we take them on in different ways. As a result we have to cultivate an awareness of what we take on as well as a process for how to release it. As an intuitive who has spent much time working with others, I can tell you that we can’t release too much. Most people don’t release enough.

What I see being critically important is for you to restore or beef up your connection with Nature through your hands. They need to feel direct connection with the Earth for a while. It’s time for what I call a daily “dirt meditation.” For twenty minutes or so each day, allow your hands to connect as fully as possible with the Earth. This can be in grass, dirt, clay (not water, and at first, not rocks). Get your hands as flat on the ground as you can, and be with that connection. However it manifests, just be with it. Don’t try to talk with it, affect it, or intentionally alter your life force in anyway. The planet can do this work for you, just allow it.

How many days you do it is up to you. I suggest doing it for a week, rain or shine, at different times of the day, and re-evaluate. This need isn’t just about healing the physical characteristics of your hands or bringing balance to their etheric sensitivity. Your hands are barometers indicating greater need for etheric reconnection in how you experience your cosmology at a deep level of being. There is information that will be transmitted from the ground to your hands, through everything that you are, about who you are, about what you do, about how you see the world and care for it, for yourself. Stick with the dirt meditation until you get those memos. My guess is that once you start getting them, you won’t want to stop. They are messages directly from the First Mother to you. Be well, Katherine!