Kelley, will I get an important message, or a boyfriend anytime soon? Will I get a message from a celebrity? Is there an untrustworthy person around me in my everyday life? Please help me, I’m desperate. ~Hannah

Hannah, Your desperation is noted. The distrust seems to be internal, manifesting as self-doubt. Without that grounding in yourself, wonderful supportive things can not manifest externally. Instead, the outside world becomes a mirror reflecting your own self-doubt by way of shadowy relationships, shifty interactions both personal and impersonal, maybe even professional. If your desperation feels rooted in this kind of draining murky cyclic energy, rather than in confident light, consider taking up some meditation practices that focus on allowing you to draw your power into yourself, into your physical form. Look into yoga. Do some reading on the power to create your own reality and thought manifestation. Just putting yourself in this kind of positive light will raise your self-confidence and attract the kind of people and beneficial situations that you truly want in life.
Be well, Hannah!