As you all know, I’ve waffled around not offering Soul Readings for a long while. They were the very first sessions I offered to clients

"Expecting everything to be healed at once is avoidance. " ~Kelley Harrell, Soul Intent Artswhen I started working with others, 20 years ago (*thud*, I know). I was a lot younger then, just beginning to understand how my calling fit into soul work, learning about ego-soul influence, and only beginning to see what kinds of services really benefit clients over time. I’ve established a relationship to Soul Readings as their own life force, as a result, and I’ve not wanted that relationship to change.

The truth is, it has changed, and I began to feel this shift several years ago. I began to see a pattern in how clients responded to Soul Readings that projected an incomplete picture of soul work. For those of you who may not know, Soul Readings are purely diagnostic sessions, information-gathering from spirit allies. They don’t involve healing or shifting life force, which is to say they are still deeply revelatory sessions. But they are also very limited, and that limitation gave a false impression that info-gathering is enough.

Sometimes it is. Soul Readings are ideal for people who are fairly balanced in their lives, in touch with their guides, and capable of initiating the shifts they need to generate life change. There may be some life discomfort, though they have the resources in place to self-manage that, or find the help that’s needed. Some people approached Soul Readings with the understanding of that limitation; many people did not. The result was an expectation of quick, easy change from just receiving information. My compensation for my discomfort with Soul Readings was to educate further on what they are and are not, and to put a clear disclaimer to that end on my schedule.

It’s not enough. Openly offering Soul Readings, even with the disclaimer, still gives the impression that we can cherry pick our engagement with our guides, funnel that interaction through someone else (me), then wash our hands of direct relationship. It perpetuates the “love and light” no-action-required myth of the New Age. In reality, no soul endeavor works that way. To truly engage soul allies requires direct relationship that builds over time, and must be sustained with regular reciprocity. That doesn’t and can’t happen in a one-hour session, and I’ve always rejected the approach that people book several sessions at once, because it screams capitalism. It’s still true, however, that while magick can happen in one session, it doesn’t usually sustain with one session. That’s why in my soul healing sessions I built in followup time, after. As much as it isn’t a realistic expectation that direct relationship be established in just one session, neither is it realistic to expect change to stick after just one session. Both require time, effort, accountability, and community.

As a result, I began to offer Soul Readings every six months to the Seiderkin tier of my Patreon community. What this means is that for a set fee paid monthly, you receive a Soul Reading every six months. There’s no one-time big fee, but a moderate one spread out over time. Also, because we stay in contact through Patreon and touch base every six months, there is growth in those soul ally relationships. The continuity provides quantifiable and progressive growth, over time. Likewise, if you find between those Readings that you need actual healing work, you can book healing sessions for 20% off. I have offered Soul Readings in this continuous fashion through Patreon for four years, and it has worked wonderfully to create autonomy in my clients’ soul ally relationships.

Support The Weekly Rune on Patreon - S. Kelley Harrell, Soul Intent Arts, Fuquay-Varina, NCOur needs in these challenging times are changing. In order to support people in a way that these times require, I have to adjust how I show up in the world. I have to adjust what I offer, and how I support myself and others. At this point, I can’t foster Soul Readings as stand-alone sessions, anymore. They don’t meet the needs they are intended to in one-off sessions, and they give the impression that wisdom filtered through someone else is enough. It isn’t.

As a result, I won’t be offering Soul Readings through my regular schedule. However, I will continue to offer them on a continual basis through Patreon. Service tiers there allow for continuous opportunity to receive light mentoring from me in connecting and sustaining relationship with your spirit allies over time, as well as intuitive engagement. Approaching Soul Readings this way allows you to spread the cost over the year, and know that you have sessions coming up at a regular interval. In the long run receiving Soul Readings through Patreon is a better financial deal, and a more mature approach to spiritual insight. If you desire routine Soul Healings with the cost spread out, a tier is available for those, as well, though you can still schedule a single session.

If you have questions or insights around my changing services, feel free to contact me.

Thanks for your continued support as I grow in my work, as I change with how my calling manifests, and for doing all that you do to show up, everyday.