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and fulfilling your calling may not be the same thing. you’re fortunate as shit if they are. or are you?
most of us have internalized the colonized perspective to chase dreams that the system makes it impossible for us to fulfill. not that dreams aren’t wonderful and we shouldn’t pursue them, though when we become wrapped up in them above all else, we’re no longer pursuing dreams; we’re colonizing them, we’re chasing ego, and not fulfilling our calling.
we’ve been conditioned to believe that our soul’s mission is to pursue our dreams, our loves, and that to do so is rebellion against the system.
the problem is the system taught us that.
the reality we live tells that tale. people who benefit from the system are celebrated, lauded as inspiration for dream manifestation. yet we believe that not fulfilling our dreams is personal failure. we accept systemic blindness with regard to the impacts of privilege, disparity, oppression, even while we experience those things.
be wary of what the system tells you about your dreams. 
claiming your calling is the real stuff that flies in the face of the system.
maybe that encompasses dreams, maybe not. the mindset of pursuing dreams is shiny, though it derails us from truth in our lives, the fore of which is calling. for many of us what we love and dream of is not our calling, and that distinction also is not failure. it is natural selection of our own internal process to give what we are inherently pre-dispositioned to be able to part with, without depletion. it is the ego completely removed from the bearing of our gift to the planet. it is the gift decolonized.
yes, calling is work. yes, it still requires education, skills. and yes, your calling is for us all.
it’s worth knowing the difference, because one leaves you in a continuous ego struggle, and one leaves the planet better than you found it.
decolonize your dreams
decolonize your calling
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