Many of us are familiar with the phrase “Starseed,” meaning those creatures from other star systems who settled into the Earth realm with many of their etheric layers functioning at high levels not common to this plane. The original writings on such beings were linear, targeting specific timeframes for birth, particular skills and demeanors. Among my clients I have worked with many Starseeds and most certainly identify as one, myself. Through the years that I’ve grown as such and interacted with others, I’ve gained gratitude for that pioneering information, as well as realized just how limited and confining it was. The bounds of people who identify as not being from here are limitless. My hope for this edition of Intentional Insights is that it expands that concept a bit, open channels for other Starseeds to reach out, and reminds us all of our infinite greatness.

It’s not easy being the fringe of the fringe, and I say that from the depths of my freaky, non-conformist heart. I can’t tell you exactly when, I can’t tell you precisely where, but I can without hesitation tell you that as soon as I became aware of myself in this plane I knew I wasn’t from here. Where else could I be from? That’s not information readily available to a little girl growing up in 1970s rural North Carolina, or many other places at that time. We didn’t have the plethora of information on Starseeds, Indigo Children, Crystal Children, that we do now. That lack of tribe shaped my spiritual growth to this day, though I readily recognize that I would not be the mindful person that I am now without my life being exactly as it has been, and I’m at peace with that.

It seems mine is a quite common experience, with many variations. How do know Starseeds know they aren’t from here? Mostly, because Grandmother Earth never felt like home. Some people very much feel they are originally from this plane and move very well within its layers. Grandmother Earth is a complex creature, home to refugees from all corners of the Void, and a sister in a much bigger family system than we have dared explore. Starseeds have memories of some other place, some other family–some of which are the birth family, some of which they’ve never encountered here. Starseeds tend to be extremely intuitive and aware of that fact. Generally we are very impatient because we recall being able to manifest what we wanted with little or no effort either before we were in form, when we were in a different form, or when we were on Earth before. Yep, that’s what I said. I personally don’t buy into past lives, not because I don’t believe we don’t have many manifestations of ourselves, but because I don’t experience that those manifestations are limited by the concept of time (I wasn’t joking about being fringe of the fringe.). My soul growth and what I’ve seen in some others who identified other star systems as home includes a strata of this plane when it was new, when it was actively being created. We might call it the time of the Gods and Goddesses of our mythology, but even that feels limiting to me. No, I can’t say that I buy into the whole Atlantean/Lemurian thing, but I do without question know there have been many elevated manifestations of humanity that our science cannot or will not affirm. We didn’t just come in a singular era. Some of us return time and again, some of us just got here. In any form, Starseeds are manifestors, though generally frustrated unless or until we master the magick of the formed realm, of which therein lies the rub. We don’t tend to get along well with the formed realm. It’s heavy, it’s dense, restrictive. The result is that a lot of us have keen body issues, if not flat out self-destructive tendencies when it comes to the form. Most Starseeds have extremely active upper chakras and are aware of their transpersonal space (sometimes to the degree of what our society considers mental illness), but are equally lacking in their lower chakras. This energetic imbalance manifests in dissociation, being spacey, depression, and many other ways. Likewise, many Starseeds are highly empathic, can read life force, talk with spirits, but can’t give you directions to the drugstore around the corner. The formed realm can be very challenging for us to traverse, such that the rules don’t make sense. We arrive at our conclusions using a different logic, not better, not worse (though often amusing) that isn’t always easily communicated with language. That density challenge often leaves a lot of Starseeds wanting out of this plane. They perpetually feel this need to go home. Key to their success here lies not in skipping this strata, but in mastering it. We can’t get Out There without going through the center of Here. Remembering that we came here of choice is the first point of Earth grounding for many Starseeds. Experiencing the lush lifescape this plane has to offer was chosen for a reason. Honing the life purpose can be a great reminder of that plan. The Starseeds who function the highest here aren’t the ones whose crown chakras are open and their third eyes are beaming into higher planes. The ones who do really well are very grounded into Earth energy. They are comfortable in this foreign home. Their chakra systems and etheric forms are fluid throughout. They are very anchored into the magick that this realm teaches so that they can allow the stellar life force within them to connect with the cosmic life force in the planet, herself. After all, Source is our common ancestor.

From the first realization that I was having a different spiritual experience on Earth, I felt isolated by people and more at home with spirits. I really began to feel the disjoint in my existence here when I committed to a shamanic path. I gave my best to honoring the teachings of Earth shamanism, as it is so neatly packaged and readily offered in our modern cultural interpretation of shamanism. I talk with animals, plants, crystals, dead people, faeries, weather, structures inhabited by spirits, inanimate objects, the spiritual manifestations of physical and mental conditions, soul parts of the living… I’ve not done it all by any means, but I’ve given the all that I know a thorough exploration, and endeavor to do so still. I love it; I feel it. But there was something capping that experience for me. Something was missing, and all I needed to find what would complete that lack was to look up. Contemporary distillations of shamanism omit what the ancients and indigenous have always known–we are all stars, and as we Starseeds have reconnected with that wisdom, intergalactic life force must be honored in our spiritual paths. I wholly marvel that there are others far better gifted than myself in the magick of this realm. They are powerful healers, teachers, shapeshifters, empaths and liaisons to a beautifully primal spiritual tradition. I celebrate our earth shaman and animists as wildly as I rejoice my own heavenly homecoming. When I honored that facet of myself, when I allowed myself conceive that my spiritual community was largely not of this place, my shamanic path gave way to a ferociously vast terrain of All. I found my path of celestial shamanism. I looked upon it and it was good.

Hi, my name is Kelley, and I’m a Starseed.

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