Closing the First Ætt

I don’t often make posts about seasonal runic transitions outside The Weekly RuneThe current episode of What in the Wyrd demands a bit of attention, though, because we’re closing out our experience of the first ætt. 

Closing an ætt is a big deal in rune mastery, and this particular one we’re experiencing now is ace because it indicates joy. The relationship between wyrdweaving and joy is important, and that’s the topic of the current episode, Wunjo and Wyrdweaving. Its importance isn’t just to give us a brief breath of relief from a hard jaunt to self-mastery, but also to instill us with a way of being that allows us to tap into joy, as needed. In that light it really isn’t about the outcome, but the process.

I invite you to listen to the episode, and let me know how you experience Wunjo. For you, how is joy created, woven, and sustained even when it passes?

What in the Wyrd

by Kelley Harrell, M. Div. | Wunjo and Wyrdweaving


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S. Kelley Harrell, M. Div.

Kelley is an author, animist, and deathwalker in North Carolina. She teaches rune work, ancestral healing, and deathwalking, as well as mentors and leads the soul tending training intensive, The Spirited Path. As an interfaith minister, she has served her local community and an international client base since 2000 through Soul Intent Arts, and advocates embodied soul tending and sacred activism through Nature. #beyourcommunity

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