Dear Kelley, This question is for my husband, Mark. His career in music has been a roller coaster for his whole life. Now that he seems to have more skills and experience than ever, the business has taken a dramatic turn for the worse in the last few years. He recently finished a solo project, that seems to be hitting roadblock after roadblock, and other types of work in music is way down. He seems to be confronted with a midlife crisis where his achievements don’t necessarily add up to being in demand or making a living. Is there a message or lesson he’s missed that’s preventing him from progressing?

Initially I am greeted by a fluffy white male rabbit. I ask the rabbit what he needs Mark to know at this time, and he says, “that he’s not following his path.” He goes on to tell me that Mark is on a path of fulfilling needs, rather than on the path of his heart. I ask the rabbit how music fits into Mark’s heart path, and he says, “it is the language he knows and best relates to.” According to the rabbit, the ‘roadblock’ that Mark perceives in not manifesting a living with music is that his heart is incongruous with his body. When he says this I know that he means on an energetic level, Mark is trying to create music outwardly without cultivating it inwardly first. Music is part of Mark on a cellular level, not just an emotional or artistic expression. Viewing it as only those things is creating a lack in the true power that music can have in his health, his perspective, his viability as an artist, his expression as a healer, and his ability to provide for himself at the level needed. It isn’t about Mark’s talent being able to support him financially, but about Mark’s ability to fully support his musical gift in how he honors it.

Mark’s form is very influenced by music, in that it activates and revitalizes him. Music must be in all levels of his being, not just in selected parts of his being. In essence, that commitment and honoring of music being a vital part of his life force has not been there on a structural and energetic level. Without that full integration, Mark’s cells aren’t completely speaking to each other. Certain synapses never get to fire, because they are not being energetically connected to music. The rabbit describes this as a case of “the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing. While this is organic, it’s not a dynamic approach for Mark’s whole.”

I ask the rabbit how Mark can infuse music throughout his being, and he tells me that Mark must learn to feel the music and rhythm in all things—the food he eats, the air he draws and releases, even of the Earth’s resonance. There is an element of observing the wonder of music in these acts, as well as an element of humility. The ability to feel the pulse of all things at that level is his heart’s source. Mark can connect with this ability and music that is in all things by toning his chakras, meditating to draw that light and color into his body and moving it up the chakra system. The rabbit says that light and color are sound, and for Mark to learn to recognize the unique sound in every color.

I ask the rabbit how he is significant to the music in Mark’s life, and he tells me that rabbits are low and close to the ground. They feel the pulse of the Earth in their whole bodies at once. He says that when rabbits run, they are carried by the rhythm of the wind. As well, he says their ears tune into the star’s songs. Walking with Mark, the rabbit can help him to do the same. The rabbit is a powerful ally to speak with in meditation.

The rabbit says that Mark can work with him as a means of feeling the music in all things by honoring the simplicity of all things. He encourages Mark to allow the connection with what he perceives is blocking his abundance through music, and realize these blocks are friends and teachers. They do not impede his musical path. By being able to find and connect with the music in all things, including in himself energetically, Mark can draw that connection up his chakra system and life force, and allow it to not only strengthen his inspiration and ability to create, but to draw to him the people and situations who can help him further develop this connection.
Music abounds for you, Mark, as well as the support of it! Be well!