Speaking the Initiatory Wound

The first time I tried to write what would be Gift of the Dreamtime, I was seven years old. I called it “The Incontrovertible Truth.” I don’t even know where I learned that word. My story was hand-written on wide-ruled notebook paper in a powder blue paper binder. That conviction and drive to put it all into words persisted into its final publication nineteen years ago, 1 September 2004 by Spilled Candy Books.

That revelation sat hard a few weeks ago, and it left me exploring who I was when I wrote it and what has changed for me now. By the time Gift of the Dreamtime was fully conceived, I recognized its context as my initiatory wound where soul tending is concerned. The whole time through its writing I questioned whether I should be writing it to share. Was it enough to just put it into words for myself? Every time I heard, “No.”

35 Years an Ancestor

35 years The summer that I was 17 my great aunt, whom I was very close to, died. In an anthology chapter I wrote years ago, I described her as, “the cook, the hostess, the comforter, and the keeper of all the mysterious secrets for how to do just about...

The Body Awake – Body, Place-Space

Body-by-the-minute, a rune a day. A conversation with body through runes. Algiz. Protection. The thought of it brings up tension. Body hasn’t been very protected in its time here. In some cases it hasn’t even been protected from me. Bodies are not protected here. What...