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Betwixt – Elders

something that we discuss often in tribe of the modern mistake is the lack of elders. Not that we don’t have people older than ourselves or leaders who are here in our lives in some capacity but why is a thority to guide us through a spiritual heritage so that we can create and Blaze a personal spiritual path.

in Western culture we don’t celebrate aging into a large degree we don’t even reveere the maturation process

we emphasize not looking our age we get plastic surgery we’re obsessed with make up things that help us to believe that we don’t look and feel a
our age. However when we go to such great lengths not to feel and look at our age the result is we don’t act our age we don’t mature into full

had experience recently that I didn’t much like none the less I understood exactly what it meant. And that was I felt myself experience in the process of becoming an elder through the process of drama, I went to a plastic surgeon in Miami a couple of times when I was younger and I’m ok with that because that was a part of my life that I had to experience. Which left me feeling that a modern way that we come to be elders is by drama
when we don’t have a tribal totems to draw on a lineage of spiritual legacy and wisdom to kraft into our immediate personal lives we have to get that wisdom from somewhere. We get it from trauma
so the question becomes are we using traumatic experiences way to grow what happens when we are not getting our wisdom from those experiences how do we become elders if we don’t have the lineage to support us and we can’t draw insight from our own pain