COVID FOMO I have been officially disabled for almost seven years. I say ‘officially’ only because for years before that I forced a life of busy-ness that wasn’t helping my health issues at all. I only slowed down when I had no choice. After...

Soul Stories

I’ve always understood worlds I created existed in a layer of being different from that of formed being, yet not full-on Other, and that they are real.

Compassionate Spring

Human-persons are part of seasonal change. Through our rituals around seasonal change, we take responsiblity for ecosystem and our impact on it.


Last night I dreamed I was at ease because my universal salary check was coming. I felt no anxiety about money…

or paying bills

Googling the Demon – The Animistic Soma Checklist

I tire of the quest for resources on myths and expressions of land-based cosmology that aren’t filtered through the supremacy of xtianity.
I want to know the secret ecology of the well maidens.
I want to re-member the charity of Tyr’s sacrifice for animism with Fenrir’s allegiance to the wild.
I want to rest in the safety of Cailleach’s anger. 
I want to meet a god who did not rape to provoke systemic change.