Three Months, Holding Space, and Pre-orders

Excerpt from my upcoming book, From Elder to Ancestor – Nature Kinship for All Seasons of Life, Chapter Two – Repairing the Human-Nature Relationship

“We’re not supposed to have to hold our space alone. By “space” I mean our energetic hygiene, protection, boundaries, health, balance—all of it. We’re not supposed to have to do it alone. In fact, we don’t do it alone.”

Why the Verbs; Write or Die

It’s the verbs that count. Not the roles, or the titles, not the nouns. It’s what you do; it’s what we’re doing. What I realized was that ‘elder’ is not a title we aspire to, but a lifelong practice of becoming. It’s not about being an elder, but about eldering well.

From Elder to Ancestor

Even though I had a wonderful elder who taught me that everything was alive, I was unable to assimilate that awareness and my experience of souls into the demands of everyday life. This is the book I wish I’d had.

Speaking the Initiatory Wound

The first time I tried to write what would be Gift of the Dreamtime, I was seven years old. I called it “The Incontrovertible Truth.” I don’t even know where I learned that word. My story was hand-written on wide-ruled notebook paper in a powder blue paper binder. That conviction and drive to put it all into words persisted into its final publication nineteen years ago, 1 September 2004 by Spilled Candy Books.

That revelation sat hard a few weeks ago, and it left me exploring who I was when I wrote it and what has changed for me now. By the time Gift of the Dreamtime was fully conceived, I recognized its context as my initiatory wound where soul tending is concerned. The whole time through its writing I questioned whether I should be writing it to share. Was it enough to just put it into words for myself? Every time I heard, “No.”