I’m always hesitant to write private things in my blog, not because I’m unwilling to share myself, but because I generally talk about these things in social media, and I’m hyper-sensitive to inundating followers with too much. Something happened about a month ago to change my mind on that front, which is why I’ve decided to take a different approach to facets of my writing, as well as my shamanic work.

Within the same month, a follower on Facebook said,”I didn’t know you were a modern shaman,” and another follower said, “I had no idea you’ve published books.” Within a few weeks, it happened on G+, too.

So, here I am, thinking I talk too much, only to realize a significant slice of what I do–TWO slices that happen to be my life’s work–are completely unknown to some followers.

Well. Talk about a shock to the system. I know that FB throttles post visibility, but this awareness was a raw lesson in the effects that suppression has on otherwise open dialogue. With that in mind, I decided to make a few changes to how I present my work, how I deliver it, and what I’m doing.

Foremost, in my shamanic work, I’ve observed in the last two years the key thing unaddressed in modern shamanism is community. Everyone learns how to journey. Everyone comes to some awareness about shamanic calling. Then they crash and can’t figure out why the malaise, after such an ecstatic blast into clarity. In short: community–you got none. One thing that sustains shamans in traditional cultures is the tribe, itself. In that setting, no one has to explain their ecstatic experience, because a common understanding of such already exists. Not only do we underestimate the wealth of that network, we often undermine it in our efforts to grow a practice before we’re mature as shamans.

Even in shamanism, people tend to have specialties. They focus on Soul Retrieval, or teaching ecstatic trance, or deathwork. I do all of those, and share personal a personal affinity to deathwalking. In terms of what I bring that is unique to the path of modern shamanism, I’ve realized, is that awareness of life outside trance. How do we bring it through? How do we live it through all of our lives, not just when we turn shamanism on? When do we realize it’s always on? How do we cope with that inter-reality?

To that end, I’ve made two core changes in how I present my shamanic work and teaching. My emphasis is on creating that animistic community in Tribe, and in beginning a two-year intensive shamanic training for those who explicitly want to work with others, starting at the first of the year (2015)–details forthcoming.  I will teach singular classes on demand, as I realize not everyone wants to take on the role of shaman. Not everyone wants to work with others. However, my passion at this time is creating the most well-rounded, personal, whole experience for those who do want to work with others, by giving them as many tools as I can.

Along that line, I’ve created an opportunity to engage in sustained work with me through Patreon. Patreon is a fund sourcing site that allows you to set your price for services you value. Many of you have seen that I recently began posting a condensed version of The Weekly Rune on Intentional Insights, with the detailed report on Patreon. There I’ve also created opportunities to pay a monthly fee for regular soul work with me, rather than singular Soul or Rune Readings.  With this arrangement, we stay in touch, and you stay supported through personal soul work and the sessions that we do. There is agreement between us by virtue of monthly transaction, that we are working together and are both building this space together. It’s your choice how involved you want to get, how deep you want to go, and within limits, how much you want to pay.

Yes, I write. Yes, I’m a modern shaman. Now that we’ve gotten that bit affirmed, let’s get some work done! =) If you have questions, or you’re interested in the two-year intensive, feel free to contact me