Feels on pointe to say, for most of us, our job isn’t our calling. Even if you can’t do your job right now, you’re still you, doing that thing nobody else on the planet can do. In fact, right now, you’re probably doing it more.
Feel all the things you need to. Feelings are life force. We are a filter they pass through. We are not them. They aren’t meant to linger with us. Remember that you can feel them all the way through and their effect on you lessens. When it lessens, they can go. Let them move on to where they need to go next.
When they can move on, the actions we can take with what we can control and give become more defined and doable.
It’s okay to repeat this over and over, and know that you’re still on your path. There’s no such thing as being off your path. You’re still responding to your calling. 
And thank you for it.


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S. Kelley Harrell, M. Div.

Kelley is an author, animist, and deathwalker in North Carolina. She teaches rune work, ancestral healing, and deathwalking, as well as mentors and leads the soul tending training intensive, The Spirited Path. As an interfaith minister, she has served her local community and an international client base since 2000 through Soul Intent Arts, and advocates embodied soul tending and sacred activism through Nature. #beyourcommunity

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