Kelley, I dreamt that my house was on fire when I came home. And, if I’m not mistaken, when I came back out to my car, that was on fire also. What does this mean? I’ve been going through a break up and have realized some things and am trying to make some changes in my life. I read at dream that this means, I will be changing in some sort of way. Is there any way for you to elaborate on this for me? Thank you, Laurice

Thanks for your note, Laurice. As the phoenix rises from the ash, so do you. We are quite accustomed to seeing fire as a catabolic force, the most destructive element, capable of rendering something utterly unlike its former self. The way you ground yourself, where you have found creature comforts needs to change. You have created a cocoon of safety, that while it served you well in the past, limits you now. These self-created boundaries are leaving you, and the more you can flow with that energy the less painful it will be. After fire comes silence, still stability to build upon. There are no distractions. No partners to leech energy, no living into the past and wondering why the present never fully manifests. This is your time to truly see yourself at base levels. The Universe has opened a window of clarity to allow you this insight. Consider the fires of your dreams campfires by which you sit nightly and release, plan, so that by the golden light of day you act, you are as you truly want to be.