By S. Kelley Harrell

Runic Book of Days

A Guide to Living the Annual Cycle of Rune Magick

A step-by-step guide to working with the runes throughout the year through rituals and initiations to come into direct relationship with them.

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Runic Book of Days

Progress through the teachings of each rune while honoring the seasons, and let the Elder Futhark becomes an initiation into a direct relationship with powers of Nature.

Life Betwixt

 A compilation of essays on contemporary animistic life, and how to work with Spirit Guides and Nature Spirits throughout life, not just when traversing ecstasy.

Teen Spirit Guide to Modern Shamanism

A light-hearted and informative handbook introducing an ancient spiritual practice to today’s young adults and beginning seekers.

Real Wyrd

A compilation of true paranormal experiences, from deathwalks in the night to seeing apparitions in the light of day.

Gift of the Dreamtime – Reader’s Companion

A reading guide to “Gift of the Dreamtime – Awakening to the Divinity of Trauma.”

Gift of the Dreamtime

Chronicles a modern journey from pain to healing and accepting a calling to the work of soul tending for others.


Kelley guides us into our own souls, turning the whys into wise.

– Bridgett Walther, Astro Abby, author of Conquer the Cosmos

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#metoo, Animism, and Ancestral Trauma

This post contains references that may be triggering for survivors of patriarchy. During the public display of Dr. Ford's personal life, an older article circulated on the rape of the well-maidens. It offers deeper insight into the Celtic story of the Fisher King, and...

My Response to DIY Shamanism

A dynamic I see often brought up in shamanism forums is the projection that shamanism is and should be DIY, or it's not authentic. (Ranting ahead.) Somewhere along the way modern shamanism internalized the idea that the shamanic path is done alone. Whether it's that...

My Response to “How Do I Meet My Animal Guide?”

This question is another that I see often in shamanism forums.   The revelation of animal guides has spread far beyond mere shamanic trope. I see it brought up in tarot forums, groups focused on general spirituality, paganism, divination... It truly is the new,...

My Response to “How Do I Get Started in Shamanism?”

Without a doubt, this the question I see most often in shamanism forums. Online, in-person, in the checkout line (seriously, that happened, once), people ask me at least once a week how to get started in shamanism. For the sake of not answering it evermore, I'm...

The Question Everyone Asks About Shamanism

"Do I have to work with Shadow to be a shaman?" It's true. I bet I've been asked that question more than any other, over the last 25 years. That and "What's my life purpose?" The funny thing is, we can't know the answer to one without resolving our issues with the...

Life Betwixt – Depression in the Shaman’s Life

Throughout the Betwixt Series I've emphasized that shamanism isn't called 'fire in the head' for no reason. It's inextricable from mental illness because we culturally can't honor hearing voices and engaging trance states without also projecting judgement onto sanity...

Life Betwixt – Deathwalking

So many people have contacted me since I blogged about my  experience in February of this year, when the planetary Watchers told me that we need to be prepared to deathwalk Midgard (Earth). Likewise, after I posted early in September about planetary soul loss, many...

Life Betwixt – Shaman 2.0, or Why Soul Tending

Soul Healing? Check. Now What? You know the phase that comes after realizing you have no glaring soul wound to heal? No? You're not alone. Loads of other people don't know it, either. That curious place does exist, though. Chances are you've experienced it and weren't...

Betwixt – Feathers and Felonies

In the Betwixt series, I talk a lot about Nature Spirit Allies. For many seekers, these allies are engaged through work with fetishes, or power items, as has become the phrase-of-the-day. For a shamanist, this means possessing some likeness of the Nature being,...

Life Betwixt – The Ayahuasca Thing

I don't talk much about entheogens in my work, largely because I don't use them. I don't think they're bad or any such, I just have never needed to use them to get where I want or need to be, in terms of the ecstatic. Nonetheless, when I teach Intro to Modern...

Thursday Betwixt – Spiritual Crisis and Psychosis

It's been a while since I updated the Betwixt series. For those of you who are new to it, on selected Thursdays I shed light on lesser discussed aspects of the modern shamanic path, and in the vein of disclosure, hope to frame this path in a more realistic and...

Thursday Betwixt – After the Journey

"Then he began to think of all the things Christopher Robin would want to tell him when he came back from wherever he was going to, and how muddling it would be for a Bear of Very Little Brain to try and get them right in his mind. 'So, perhaps,' he said sadly to...

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