Hi Kelley. I’ve always believed that the individual soul is eternal, but lately I’ve read that eventually the soul merges with God and loses its individuality when it is “finished” learning all that it can. Is this how it goes? Do we really all lose our soul and all whom we’ve loved? This thought brings me such sadness, I would really appreciate your insight. Thank you, Briana

The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo

The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo

Thanks for your note, Briana. I’m not certain how it goes, and I dare say anyone else is. All I can express around the experiences of a soul are that of my own, through my shamanic journeys.

This sounds like more of a riddle than I intend, but the only way we can re-integrate with Source is if we believe we were ever separate from it to begin with. I have not found it to be true that we are separate from Source, or from anything else in All Things. This unity is the core basis of animism.

An indigenous creation story I read years ago explains it better than I could (I tore the house looking for it, to no avail, so if I find it will include the source ;). After a very long time of being, the Source of All Things (God) felt that it had reached a limit in the range of experiences it could have just being its singular self. To broaden its viewpoint and expand its consciousness, it decided to experience itself different ways, so that it could learn more about All Things, thus itself. So it split itself up and came into form as trees, water, dogs, people…

I’ve never read a creation story that resonated more with me than that one. The confidence I take from it is something we have been told is a dangerous belief, and that is: we are all Divine. All of us, every one. Every person you meet is connected to you, every flower, every raindrop. We are all looking back at ourselves and simultaneously creating our unique lives, feeling isolated.

The sense of isolation, itself, my guides tell me, is The Fall. The belief that we are all Source is what we come here to be reminded, yet our very birth and formation into earthly consciousness strips that truth away. We spend life figuring out how to remember. In that sense, life is preparation for the afterlife, not the other way around.  And because you think to ask the question, Briana, because an opposing belief challenged your isolation, you are remembering.