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Dear Kelley
I have the gift of a new start and want to honour, respect, and dive into it joyously. A drag in that is my relation to others. I feel wounded from things in the past and I don’t want to take that into my new life. How can I go about releasing the last vestiges of the old pain and my part in it, to attract love and support into my new life? Thank you for creating this interesting and generous opportunity. ~A

Photo by Kristaps Bergfelds ~flickrThanks for your note, A. When I see summaries of where people are along manifesting their heart’s desires, I often see sand drawings along a coastal shoreline. Instead of seeing you at the shoreline, I see you about waist-deep in the surf, attempting to still the waves with the palms of your hands.

When I ask this aspect of you how stilling the water symbolizes the way you relate to others, the response is, “I just need a little space to get steady, then they can come.” She’s indicating intentionally holding back relationships until some self-defined sense of readiness or healing has come.

I ask her what that readiness or healing feels like, and I find myself floating gently on the surf. So, she does have an idea of what that balance feels like. Incorporating the sense of being carried while also actively participating is key. There is also an emphasis on trust, and allowing support from others.

Appealing to my guides, they indicate that water should be an available comfort to sink into, during this shift. The body needs that gentle support to release emotions internalized in the cells. With intention, water can help shepherd away memories and uncomfortable feelings the body has carried.

They also suggest looking beyond the current manifestation of the self, to ancestral lines, and do any release work necessary there. Some of the relationship distress isn’t yours, A, and that’s why the work you’ve done to release it only reaches so far. Tune the focus of healing more widely around you, through your lines on all sides, and  across space and time, to release anything unwanted, regarding relationship hurt. You don’t have to identify these ancestral wounds, or even name them. Acknowledge them, and through your healing methods and spiritual support, allow them to leave. A few passes with a H’oponopono ritual may help and bring comfort with the changes coming into your life.

If you don’t have anyone who can help you do this work, it may be something we can do remotely.

Best to you, A!