God – aged Gautr and prince of Ásgarðr and lord of Vallhalla.
Runic and Heroic Poems, Bruce Dickins, translation

A scattering of recipe cards, the front of which reads "Ansuz + Raidho = Kenaz"


Traditional meaning – mouth, Odin
Association – that which is carried or moved along, as by a river or breeze
Pronunciationahnsoo, awnsoo
GaldrAhn, Ahnsoo, Awn, Awnsoo
Element – Air
Dates – 13-29 August
Verb – to create
Animistic Qualities – speaking our truth, soothsaying
Challenge – To master the internal process of choosing how we express our agency.

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Traditional lore – Ansuz is represented differently across the runic poems. It is Os, or Odin, and it is also river mouth.

Animistic lore – Approaching Ansuz as both godden and mouth, we’re met with great power that moves things, that shapes things. At a human level this power turns the conversation to agency, and cultivating our expression of it in a way that is godden-like: that our expression of it aligns with our sacredness, which can only act in alignment with sacred order; and that our creations venture out into the world with their own agency. In this creative act we see ourselves as creators, we can see the wyrd we weave, and we internalize and send it out into the world as lore.

“Ansuz calls our attention to that sticky place between inspiration and how it’s expressed, between thoughtform and how we empower it.” Runic Book of Days

Elder Futhark runes Fehu, Ingwaz, Kenaz reversed with a white seashell on an orange background

Ansuz expresses creative energy

that transmutes into a being with its own agency.

Creating with Ansuz Introspections

  • How do you express your calling in a way that benefits your community?
  • How do you incorporate your calling into your creativity?
  • How does what you say match up with your truth?

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