Hi Kelley, Could you please look into what’s been going on with me and this gentleman. We just met a few weeks ago. He’s going thru a divorce but we seem to really like each other. I’m already panicking because I feel I can have very strong feelings for this guy. I need to know if I should run now or if it’s going to be good for both of us. I very much appreciate your insights. Thank you, Venus.

Thank you for your note, Venus. The atmosphere around you both is quite stirred up right now–his in general, and yours internally. Many things have need to be settled. The focus I have is on you and a deeper fear, not related to the possibility of NOT having him, but to the possibility that you very well may. This fear seems to be related to the process of moving through the chaos. At the fore of this chaos are trust issues that you have not moved through in prior relationships, and/or when you put the energy out to move through them, your trust was violated [again]. As a result, you just quit going there. This fear is actually very longstanding for you, and is not related to this new love interest or the ‘drama’ around his divorce. I sense this tension has come up for you before in the early stages of romantic feelings. However, the intensity of this kind of connection to someone who is still legally and emotionally wrapping up ties from a previous relationship is pushing these old buttons for you. It seems that while you want deep love, you are more comfortable with superficial relations. With this man that comfort zone and your own feelings are being quite challenged. It is the right time for you to feel this anxiety about deeper love, and to move through it into healing.

I am not getting a clear indication of romantic involvement with this man, but definitely that he is a spiritual catalyst to urge you to address this longstanding fear. Quite often the people we are quite connected to come as anam cara, which in the Irish Celtic mystical path is a “soul friend”. This connection could be romantic, but not necessarily. The emphasis of this connection is on getting soul work done, not on the relationship, itself. In other words, what you have not aligned with your soul’s intent to accomplish on your path (due to karmic blocks, past traumas etc), your anam cara will put you front and center in the place on your path to get it done. Such is the agreement of souls.

In meeting and developing feelings for this man a healing process within you has already begun with regard to this trust issue. It is this process to which you must give your attention first, the relationship possibilities later. Step back from the relationship prospect a bit, and see if you can get a glimmer of what this man’s presence is trying to teach you, or draw your attention to, in terms of healing this wound. What feelings has it brought up for you? What fears? Realizing that your fears very much hold the insight for how to move through them, call your fears into a form with which you can have a dialogue. Ask your fear to share with you its own life purpose. Ask your fear to share with your its source (event, exchange, relationship, if you don’t already know). Now ask it to tell you what it *would* be doing if it wasn’t manifesting as your fear. Knowing this information, how would *your* life be if you could release this fear and let it move on to fulfill its own life purpose? Through this dialogue with your fear, you will gain insight into how to move forward.

When I ask your guides for insight about this, I see you kneeling down, happily putting together a very large puzzle. What is significant about this action is you take the puzzle apart and put it together several different ways, and it works each way! You have exquisite skill in manifesting compassion for yourself and others (this man), and in manifesting the balance and wholeness you inherently possess. Your comfort zone will expand to include deep love. I have no doubt that however you choose to move through your process right now, your choice will be what is right for you. However you meditate and connect with your soul’s wisdom, give the dictation of the direction of your path to her. With her you are in the best hands. Be well!