Dear Kelley, I have a health related question. Since last year (2004), I have had 3 occurrences of a very bad rash that has been cropping up on my body. I have been to doctors, allergists, dermatologists and they all labeled it as “contact dermatitis,” meaning I had an allergic reaction to something that I ate, came in contact with, etc. The rash doesn’t seem to follow any type of pattern and each time it has cropped up on different parts of my body. My question is that I’m wondering if the cause is more emotional/stress related than an actual allergic reaction to something? I’m wondering if something is going on where I’m bringing this on myself. Thanks for your input!!

Thanks for your note, Jana. You have not brought this on yourself. Free yourself of the frustration that has led you down that line of thinking, cos it’s not a factor. This is very much a contact disturbance, but not in the way that your doctors have indicated.

When I approach your guides, I immediately break out into a rash all over my arms. A hand reaches out to pull me along a wooded path, and I see my benefactor is a dark-skinned woman wearing a very plain dark dress, with a cream colored binding covering her head and hair. The further she leads me into the woods, this rash spreads over my body. Every leaf that brushes against me, the air that I take in, the pressure of earth under my feet… all of these external things contribute to my surface unrest. The woman finally leads me to a hut with a fire burning in front of it. The area is deep in the dark woods, nothing and no one near for miles, and it is a freezing cold night. Oblivious to the atmosphere, she sits me down and coats me in this pink plaster-like substance to soothe the rash, and I realize that she is your guide. I ask her where she is from, and she gives me this huge wild woman teethy grin. It strikes me then that she is from the southern hemisphere, and we are distinctly in the woods of the north western United States, if not Canada. Nothing about her meager dwelling or well-kept surroundings would indicate that she is not from this area. But her clothing, skin, and energy are clearly South American. When I ask her again where she is from, she points to the stars, and I understand what is causing your discomfort being on this planet.

I ask her to tell me the story of you, and she begins to feed me a warm broth as she talks. She speaks a very strange language made up of tones not words, but tells me that she is most certainly not from the area in which she currently dwells, but that she has adapted fully to live there and do her work. She tells me that you have not adapted to your new atmosphere. When she attempts to explain where you are really from, I don’t have the sense that it is a planet different from Earth; rather, a *dimension* different than our comprehended Universe. Determining your source is not so easy as following a ley line from here to a star and recording the path. You are from a very intricate, and yet somehow incredibly simplistic life force that is not very used to matter, and not very fond of the level of complication incurred by life on this bluegreen ball. You are not used to barriers of any kind-on your ability to create and manifest, or even that of skin to attempt to “hold you all in one place.”

So why did you sign up for it if it’s getting under your skin this badly? Morganna, as your guide is now identifying herself, tells me that you have not incarnated on this planet, or anywhere, very often. Being in skin is not very comfortable to you, and that “limitation” has created other disturbances in your form off and on through this life. I ask her point blank your reason for coming here, and she gets up, walking around her abode, but is silent. I ask her why she came to this place from her home, and she whirls around, nothing but eager to talk, and she tells me that she is an anchor, a placeholder, so that the others have a place to come when it is their time. I know that she is not talking about a South American home, but her star ancestors, your contemporaries.

You have come here to pave a way for others who are from your source. In other words, you came as a scout, to find a place to create a sacred space for some work to be done. Others of your star lineage are coming to help you hold this space and do this work. The rash has evolved from you not wanting to “adapt” to life here. You have interpreted adaptation as having to sacrifice your higher abilities, your starness in order to create this sacred space. There’s been anger around this, frustration, sheer annoyance from feeling that 3D limits your truth. The thing is, upon coming here, part of your truth became 3D, which means part of your power did, part of your beauty… You haven’t held this dimension in very high regard at all, which means you have not held part of yourself in high regard. To you, 3D is a dirty auto repair shop with greasy parts and tools lying everywhere, with few mechanics who really know what the part and tools can do. You’re a mechanic, and to release this rash, you’re going to have to use those 3D tools. A big part of it just respecting 3D space, and not seeing it as less, or as some unidentifiable crud that’s going to rub off and make you itch. Being able to honor this plane will only strengthen your ability to create and hold space for your tribe to come and do its work. I’m not talking about tree hugger kind of admiration and respect-you already have a fond rapport with Nature. This is about respecting form, remembering that all form is spirit manifest, and remembering in that knowledge there is no difference. Home is you, Jana. Be well!