I’ve been sitting on this for a couple of months…

though I can finally tell everyone! And for real–I suck at withholding surprises, so this hasn’t been easy. Next year this time, there will be a new little book running around! Maybe not so little, but I love the metaphor!

Last month, I signed a contract with Inner Traditions, for Runic Book of Days, to be released fall of 2018! It’s kind of crazy on lots of levels. First off, I never imagined I’d ever write a book on the runes. Second, I have read books from Inner Traditions for so long, I feel kinda fangirly being published by them. I mean, really, if you can have a crush on a publisher… I’m just saying.


Runic Book of Days announced - Publishers Weekly, S. Kelley Harrell, Soul Intent Arts #ncwriters

The book has been a long time coming, which if you’re me, they all are. Just the same, it’s been an incredible journey to write. I grew up in a culture of daily devotion–small, bite-sized spiritual acts that serve to engage and internalize faith in the everyday. I’ve always wondered how to recreate that sort of actionable ritual with the runes, in a way that somehow ties into my animistic path. Well, this is it!

I’ve long studied Nigel Pennick’s work, as well as that as Freya Aswynn, and have worked with their take on a modern runic calendar. As The Weekly Rune developed, the ability to situate runes into the seasonal progression felt natural.

Runic Book of Days announced - NCWN - Publishers Weekly, S. Kelley Harrell, Soul Intent ArtsIn the book, I approach this accessibility through half-month devotionals, which lead to personal initiations at the eight Sabbats. It’s turned out pretty bad-assed, if I do say. I know it will ire some of the more prescriptivist runesters, and that’s okay. It ruffles me, too, not to know exactly what they meant, exactly how they were used, precisely what the calendar was or should be. But it doesn’t bother me enough not to come into direct relationship with them now, with what we do know, with what I have learned from them in these 25+ years, and how they continue to evolve in relevance.

So, stay tuned. It’s been a long haul to get it this far, and there’s still much work to do yet. I have a lot of challenges on my plate (I’ll update on that again, soon!), in general, right now. Thanks so much for all your thoughts and well-wishes. Thanks for all your support for The Weekly Rune.

Most of all, thanks for what you bring to the world, every day.

From this moment to you,

~the fangirl