Have you ever wanted insight into the themes of your life? Have you ever thought that if you could know them, you’d be better prepared for how to respond? A personal runecast provides just that opportunity, with insights to get in sync with the rhythm that’s in play for you.

The Year in Runes–for you, about you!

From now through the end of February, for $80, get a Personal Runecast for 2018, including a rune drawn for each month, a summary of the dynamics in play with each half-month stave , and one stave to indicate the overall theme for the year.  No two casts are ever alike. For each chart, the runes are cast just for you. Your chart is as unique as you are!

And–dear runesters–this year’s cast includes insight into the Rune of the Age. Over the last year many of us have noted feeling outside the current that we’re used to, though we haven’t quite gotten into the groove of whatever it’s become. Power dynamics are shifting, cosmologies have been upended. Insights into the Age we’ve left and the one we’re entering sheds deep insight onto the upheaval experienced around the planet, and how to cope with it in the context of the Personal Runecast for the year.

You will receive your Forecast as a 5-6 page PDF via email, including descriptions for the overall runic theme for the year,  a description for the rune of each month alongside the half-months, the Rune of the Age, and suggestions for how to work with the life force they bring. Personal Runecasts won’t be delivered until after the first of January 2018. Each is customized to order, and it takes some time to do the cast and pull it all together in a meaningful manner.

Not sure a Personal Runecast will have meaning for you? Check out The Weekly Rune, the column that I write based on the half-month rune, an intuitive stave, and rune carrying the message of the planet. Together they inform on the life force available to use for the current week. Similarly, your runecast will provide valuable insight into 2018, and how you can best greet it.

Purchase one for yourself, or as a gift for someone else. Contact me for details, and to order a 2018 Personal Runecast!

My Route to the Runes

I started reading the runes when I was 19, which for those keeping track, that was 27 years ago! The runes bring impeccable clarity to life dynamics, and I find them to be the most no-nonsense oracle to work with. About 8 years ago, I began studying various runic calendars and working with them in the seasonal progression of half-months. In that relationship an entirely other way to appreciate the runes was revealed to me. From that excitement The Weekly Rune was born, as was my work through Patreon. The short version is, I love working with the runes, and sharing them with others.

Contact me if you’re interested in getting a general Rune Reading, learning more about Reclaiming the Runes–a year-long intensive that I teach, or ordering a 2018 Personal Runecast.