Kelley, I’ve been dreaming about my son’s father. In the dreams, he doesn’t speak to me and is with other women. In reality, we haven’t spoken in about ten years. Why am I dreaming of him? In the last dream, he spoke to me and was almost comforting and loving. Please help me understand this. Thank
you, M.

Thank you for your note, M. My sense is that there has been energetic closure regarding your relationship, within him, you, or both. What I see is a dynamic completed, and all connections set to neutral. This state is the best possible accomplishment in any relationship. It means that you and/or he are no longer emotionally charged by each other or your past together, and that free movement from now forward is possible. Whatever the two of you agreed to come into this plane to help each other work out is done. You can coexist peacefully now, and move forward in free will.

This balance is something I rarely see, and feel quite blessed to observe it. Thanks for this opportunity!