Thursday Betwixt

Thursday Betwixt – Body as Intuition

Posted by on 10 Apr 2014 in Intentional Insights, Thursday Betwixt | 6 comments

Throughout the Betwixt series, I’ve talked about the significance of creating community along a shamanic path. I delved briefly into viewing ourselves as a valuable, informed member of our own spiritual council, encouraged readers to shapeshift into themselves to better step into their power. Taking that further, I’d like to talk about the many blessings and challenges of realizing  the body’s inherent spirituality. Most modern shamanic circles focus on all things soul. They touch on amorphous internal cosmologies supporting the whole, though the experience of the form remains demoted in that hierarchy. I connect this oversight to a tendency for modern...

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Thursday Betwixt – Working with Home Spirits

Posted by on 20 Mar 2014 in Thursday Betwixt | 13 comments

Wherever you stand, be the soul of that place.  ~Rumi So often we talk about totems, helping spirits, deities, Guides–which are all well and good. There are other influential souls with whom we can enter into deep relationship, and they’re right under our noses, every day. I call them our Home spirits, though I suspect they can be identified many ways. These are the Nature spirits, land elders, and the consciousness of your actual home–the dwelling in which you live–who are guardians with whom you are in relationship all the time. They may be your favorite hellebores in the side garden, the cactus in a planter by the front door, the lawn, itself....

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Thursday Betwixt – Healing, Initiatory Crisis, and Community

Posted by on 6 Feb 2014 in Thursday Betwixt | 3 comments

“We don’t heal in isolation, but in community.” S. Kelley Harrell, Gift of the Dreamtime – Reader’s Companion In the Thursday Betwixt series, we’ve talked about the various guides that can be gleaned along our path–both spirit beings and mundane–and the significance of each. We’ve somewhat talked around why community is important, though I’d like to take that deeper. Whether undertaking to learn journeying, to fit for the role of shaman, or experience soul healing through any range of modalities, the number one contributing factor to pitfalls along that path that I see time and again is lack of community. I...

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Thursday Betwixt – The Dream Team

Posted by on 30 Jan 2014 in Thursday Betwixt | 1 comment

In the Betwixt series focusing on mundane support for skywalking seekers, we’ve talked about reciprocity with guides, taking the baton from guides, and finding etheric support in the life force around us. What about that of our immediate formed community, as in the people around us? How do they fit into our spiritual, if not animistic, Dream Team? How do we decide who should be on our Team? Most new to the path of actively connecting with aliveliness   rely heavily on spiritual benefactors, as in guides, spirit allies, engaging totems in trance or alone in Nature. However profoundly those relationships impact our lives, we can’t substitute them for human...

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Thursday Betwixt – Becoming Self

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First off, thank you for the enormous support and comments on the Betwixt series.  I’ve gotten so much feedback, praise, and insights, and I’m grateful for your thoughts. In this series, we’ve talked about  how vital it is to incorporate the ecstatic experience into the everyday, if both are to evolve. We’ve covered how the relationship with Spirit Guides must serve as inspiration for self-initiated exploration and healing. Allowing our own insight to guide us was a powerful topic, as were learning to call on the unnameable ally, and how western folks can better approach working with ancestors. In this instance, I’d like to explore how we...

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Thursday Betwixt – Working with Ancestor Allies

Posted by on 21 Nov 2013 in Thursday Betwixt | 5 comments

The introductory segué into the Betwixt series has focused on lesser realized spiritual allies that assist us along our path.  In this post, my focus is on the ancestors, and how in the western world working with them is a bit different than that of indigenous cultures. A topic that comes up often in regard to spiritual counsel is the ancestors–those of our family line who have lived fully, persevered through the experience of the form, then moved on to anchor the wisdom of that formed experience into guidance for their earthly successors. However when we in the west talk about working with ancestors, generally a great deal of healing must come first. In...

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